we’re gonna talk about rejection yeah that’s a good song thank you today
is our music day and I just totally screwed up all the footage that we
recorded for a rejection video that we were doing so this is this is rejection
number two video numero dos Ola you amazing artist and I sure get it
together me I know right so yesterday so crooked I just started doing courses on
Skillshare and I’m not sure if they actually accept these kind of courses
but I decided to do one on rejection and the different things that we do whenever
we’re facing rejection one of the main things that I attribute to the fact that
I started my art career that I actually am doing this right now is the fact that
I got over my fear of rejection rejection was that thing that kept me
stagnant throughout most of my life and kept me from doing this thing that I
really wanted to do I made all kinds of excuses and I had all kinds of reasons
why I didn’t jump into in our career and mostly to be honest with you it had to
do with just the fear of being rejected yeah for most of my life I was like I’m
just a careful person but the truth was careful not to let anyone say anything
about anything I’m doing you keep yourself outside of these situations
where you’re putting yourself out there just in case somebody has something
negative to say about you or your artwork that way you only have a toe in
the water if someone’s like I hate your face I hate your face and the fact of
the matter is that I we put ourselves out there a lot we put ourselves with
these videos we put ourselves with our creations we put ourselves with our
music I have vlog videos where there’s me singing badly chances are after
watching this video there’s gonna be somebody who comments about Rafi should
really not sing anymore ever again there are all kinds of comments that we
get on here that are negative of people rejecting our ideas or even my face I’ve
had lots people talk about how my face shouldn’t
be so close to the camera I love your face well thank you oh my god what would
happen if someone rejected our rejection video today are you sure that would rip
a hole in space-time no there’s gonna be a thumbs-down people are going to be
like ‘hey thank you sir for illustrating our point
yes exactly or madam thank you sir or madam for illustrating our point the
simplicity of what I say is that in order to be an artist number one you
have to create artwork number two you put your artwork out there in as many
places as you possibly can in as many ways as you possibly can within reason
for you for a lot of closeted artists number one that’s that’s no issue there
you were creating artwork and that is perfect but when it comes to the idea of
putting your artwork out there that’s where it gets scary that’s where you
start making excuses like oh I don’t really real artists don’t really put
their stuff out there I don’t want to pimp myself I don’t want to prostitute
myself out into the world as an artist I’m a real genuine artist you need to
show your art if your art is not being shown anywhere and people are not
looking at your art then it might as well not even exist hey that’s fine if
that’s what you’re happy with but if you want to make a living as an artist or
you want to at least get the word out about who it is that you are and things
that you create then you need to put yourself out there whether it be on
social media whether it be festivals cafes whatever chances you have in order
to put your artwork out there put your artwork out there and in order to do
that you need to put yourself out there and face rejection by Raffi we don’t
want to talk about rejection yeah and that’s the problem in order to
approach rejection in a way we’re like you could overcome rejection I think the
problem is that a lot of people when they start thinking of the idea of being
rejected they start to panic and it’s almost like you avoid the subject
whatsoever you don’t head into that idea of being rejected in your head and a lot
of people what they do is they go the pollyanna route where they’re like oh
I’m not be rejected it’s fun I’m gonna and they
don’t actually face that fear of rejection in order to face the fear of
rejection in order to overcome it you have to face the fear the beautiful
amazing thing especially about you creatives is that we have a powerful
imagination and the key is using your imagination for good instead of using it
for evil yeah rejections like that which shall
not be named but I think it’s at the core of reluctancy to do a lot of stuff
whether it’s masquerading it’s like I’m gonna look stupid people are gonna think
I’m a loser people think I’m a loser the reason that
I talk so passionately about this and the reason that facing rejection is so
important to me is because I would say that 70 to 75 percent of my life I was
avoiding doing what I wanted to do I was not pursuing the things that made me who
I was because I was afraid of rejection and I made up all kinds of excuses on
why I really couldn’t do that thing but really when it came down to it it was
that fear that fear of my artwork getting rejected or me or my ideas being
rejected the truth is that if you want to be a successful artist and you want
to put yourself out there you’re going to face rejection so the key is getting
comfortable with the idea of rejection like I said before you have very
powerful imagination so how do you use your that imagination that amazing
creative thing that you have in your brain jar in order to help you face
rejection here’s the thing that I do and I’ll walk you through it step by step
and we’ll start with a fear we give me a thing that you’re afraid to do because
you’re gonna be rejected offer my jingle services to the general public offer
your jingle services to the general public so please been approached by
people here on YouTube about her creating jingles for them this is
pushing a button where she’s afraid and thus she is facing rejection so give me
a specific like somebody contacts you gonna get back to them and do that whole
thing and then you create a jingle for them what is the best-case scenario
best-case scenario is that I to know a little bit about them and the
creative ideas flow and I seamlessly and easily produce a jingle that they love
and how do you feel about that like if that happens yeah I feel good okay and
how do you think you should feel about that good okay so you feel good you
think you should feel good now here’s the question about the feel-good part
are your emotions about yourself wrapped up in that yes right yes you will feel
good but how do you think you should feel neutral probably neutral feel good
about it but don’t have your self esteem wrapped up in to whether or not it works
out really well so that’s that side that’s the good side yeah okay so what
is the worst-case scenario then I learn a little bit about them let the creative
juices flow and produce a total piece of crap turd that they hate right
okay so crap turd that they hate and how would you feel about that probably not
good not good no no how do you think you should feel like how would you feel if
you were empowered dumble a little bit but I’m still good
right I’m still good and how would you handle it if you were empowered I would
just try again right you would try again will you contact them and say alright
well how do I fix this get their feedback okay what didn’t you like about
it and how can we move forward with this and so like let’s say that boom it goes
into that worst-case scenario you are your better version of you you work with
them you create another one and they get it and it works out and it’s great
best-case scenario it works out they love it how do you feel yeah well good I
guess neutral is what we’re shooting right neutral is what you’re shooting
for you redo it you send it to them and it is craptastic and they absolutely
hate it they’re like I hate this one even worse than the first one you are a
horrible human being yeah exactly now you’re a horrible human being so how do
you feel about that I guess hopefully neutral still hopefully neutral still
right but how would you feel like when you think about that oh I would be
totally devastated now if you were your empowered musical self how would you
deal with that hopefully I
would be neutral and hopefully I would say you know maybe I’m just not the
right person for this job yeah exactly I’m not what they’re looking for or
we’re just not a good fit that’s the way that I would phrase it because the
problem with the rejection is that we always think that we’re the ones that
are being judged that judge jury and executioner are just staring at us and
the other person is the person that has all the power you need to qualify them
as well as them qualifying you so if it’s not a good fit you know what we
were just not a good fit for each other it doesn’t have anything to do with you
being the wrong choice that’s a better feeling place than that
I’m total rubbish yeah exactly so basically what we do there is we take a
look at a scenario that we’re afraid to deal with we think about the best-case
scenario and how we would deal with that and how much our self-esteem is wrapped
up in the outcome being good and making sure that we could get to a neutral
place about that like you don’t want to put all your eggs and like if I get this
then I’m a great human being you know like you don’t want that to be it’s just
a thing that you’re gonna do and it could go either way if it goes good
awesome that’s great I’m gonna celebrate but it has nothing to do with me being a
better human and if it doesn’t go so good you could even say it will awesome
cause to celebrate now I get to figure out how to do this even better the next
time or how to do it better the next time yeah either way you’re better for
it right we’re facing any kind of rejection the reason that it’s so
painful is because you stacked all kinds of emotions behind that and the more
that you avoid doing something the more emotions you stack on there and the
harder it becomes better off almost facing that rejection head-on and the
best way to face the rejection head-on is to do it in your imagination first
just go through your imagination and think about the worst-case scenarios and
think about the logic behind the things that you’re afraid of most times when
you’re afraid of being rejected it’s this like abstract idea towards the end
of it like you’re out on the street and you’re destitute like there are all
these like really horrible outcomes that’s true that are terrifying
that don’t even they’re not even solidified you’re not even sure why
you’re so afraid of doing this thing in my mind when it was just abstract it was
like everyone’s gonna hate your jingles and then someone’s gonna come and take
away your keyboard and then your iPad is gonna catch fire and you’re gonna be
left destitute in the street and label the loser yeah all those things all
those things over we avoid even thinking about being rejected because we see that
as a bad thing and for the most part we stay away from bad things but really
it’s super helpful to just go through the motions and work out the scenarios
that might happen and and how would you deal with that if you were happy and
things didn’t bother you how would you deal with that how would you deal with
that as an empowered human versus somebody who is terrified of rejection
oh no if I get rejected it’ll be the last thing that I ever do don’t be that
person when you’re imagining it in your mind imagine yourself as somebody who’s
strong and powerful and gets knocked down and gets back up because in order
to have a successful career in anything that you want to do you’re gonna get
rejected you’re gonna get knocked down it’s not gonna be easy and you have to
be willing to face those fears and move forward especially the fear of being
rejected the alternative is to just live every day with the fear of rejection
yeah live every day with the fear of rejection and eventually lay on your
deathbed full of regret because you didn’t do those things that you wanted
to do because you were too scared yeah so your rejection is a terrible roommate
I mean yes it eats all your cereal your socks go missing it doesn’t wash after
it uses the bathroom terrible roommate so at this point everything that I do is
right in the face of that rejection like I said chances are there’s gonna be a
bunch of thumbs down and some negative comments on this video people are gonna
say stuff about my face people are gonna say stuff about the music that I played
earlier in the video they might even say things about my jingle yeah they might
say things about please jingle bring it bring it on at the end of the day my
advice to you is take a look at the mantra that you can say when it comes to
rejection when it comes to rejection what I say is bring it on the more
rejections that I face the more successes that I have and that’s the way
I see it and so I get excited whenever there’s an opportunity to get rejected
and I’m also pleased to say that I am moving forward with offering my jingle
services putting an outline together for our website and getting through the fear
one step at a time one step at a time it’s fun watching her
be like because she does that all the time yeah it sounds just like that yeah
I’m over here like no and thank you so much for watching guys I know that this
video is very impromptu and like I said we had filmed something but instead of
me looking at the camera I was looking down but the entire video was me saying
hey guys how are you doing blah blah blah and not actually looking at you
yeah nice job yeah yeah brilliant move Rafi so I would love to hear any stories
that you guys have about any time where you faced rejection or where you faced
the fear of rejection and went and did it anyway and possibly either succeeded
or got rejected but still it was an awesome experience and thank you so much
for watching you guys you guys are absolutely freaking amazing
I totally adore you and if you like this and you want to watch more like this you
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idea good day adios