$5, $7.50, $7.50, $5, $7.50.– So what I think is that we’re not gonna get
any value here. – That bag cost $750.
– You’re gonna let that bag– that could go somewhere else
and we’d get more money for it. – Yeah, but you need
money today. – Lot 49, we have a guaranteed
Louis Vuitton handbag here. I have a $50 left bid. $50, $60. Louis Vuitton. $130, $140. $130. 158, 158, the buyer. – Chanel boots with case. – Chanel boots with
the original case there. Chanel boots. How about it? Give me $50, $50, $50. $25 and go. – $25? – $30, get $30,
get $30, get $30. $55, get $60,
can I get $60? $55.
– I’m not doing this. – We expect you to
look great next sale, girls. We expect you to look great. – I just need some air. I need air.
I need air. – I’m trying to find money
as fast as possible. – And I understand that,
but what are we trying to find? One mortgage payment?
– Wait a minute. It’s 20 mortgage payments
at least, right? – Correct.
– 20–no, my bad. When I talked to the
mortgage company, they said 24. 24 mortgage payments. So now we’re 24
in the hole here. Give good faith money, try to negotiate
with good faith money, prove to the bank
that we can actually pay this. One of the things
they’re looking for is your ability to pay. – They’ve looked at
the financial statement– – No, they don’t. I’m talking to the lady
on the phone. – And what did she say? – She said, “We don’t have
all this information you said you provided.” – [sighs]I don’t want to be
ever, at all,
on anything in life. – Where we at, Pat?
– I’m disappointed. – I am too. The goal was $2,500,
and you guys only got $1,250, but that’s still
a mortgage payment. – Don’t let stuff
that’s valued at $400 walk away for $30. That makes no sense. – It does make sense. What you’re missing is,
when you sell stuff quickly, you don’t get full value. Would you agree with that? – What I want to do is for us to call
the mortgage company and say, “I owe you this much,
but guess what. $25, $35, $45–
I want to pay you this much.” That’s what we need to do, ’cause that’s what you
just showed me. If we can get something
that’s worth here and get it to here. Work that deal for me.
– But wait a minute. – No, work that deal for me. Work that deal. That’s the deal we need,
’cause that’s magic. – Babe, come here.
– No, that’s the one. – Babe.
– [bleep]. This guy is
out of his mind, man. [bleep] [bleep].