If I see an opportunity, I
never want to miss it. I feel like for me,
there is no limit. My name is Gabriela Ariza, and
I am 27 years old. I live in Brookfield, Illinois,
and I am about nine miles from the
city center of Chicago. Currently, I assist
government, military and police making sure that
their infrastructure is protected through
cybersecurity. I think there’s always ways
to learn more about your money. I don’t think
I’m that great with money, but I feel like
if I keep watching and reading more financial stuff,
I can get better with money. I actually
feel really comfortable with my salary. I think
I don’t really need to work as much as
I do right now. But I have major goals and
I just want to get to them as fast as I can. My mortgage is $1,707 a
month, and that includes property taxes
and interest. I don’t want my
possessions to own me. I actually want to be
able to make my possessions work for me. The way I learned about
money was actually a very unfortunate event. My family, we grew
up pretty well off. My parents invested a
lot in real estate. We were doing really well,
and one day my dad decided to take all
the money and leave. And so my college fund
was also taken from that as well. And my mom
had to file for bankruptcy and we were pretty much
out in the streets. Sorry. I think
seeing that struggle with money that my mom
had to go through, and even trying to get through
college really, put me into her perspective and
realized, “Hey, I don’t want to depend on
other people for money. I want to make sure
that I’m well off.” I decided to do a
two-year program in one year, and I was also
working 60 hour weeks. It just really helped with
my career and just advancing in it. It
was definitely an investment in me. I owe $55,000 in
student loan debt. I think it was worth taking
it on because now I’m looking at myself and I’m
making even more than what I owe in
just a single year. I’m hoping to pay them off
in about 13 years, and that’s pretty much if I
pay like once every six months, like a big
amount of money. Currently with Motorola, I have
a Roth 401(k) and I contribute 15% and then they
match 4 % and then I also have another Roth
IRA, and I contribute about $250/month to
that one. Sometimes it’s harder to
save just because there are home repairs and
home repairs are really expensive. So, Rob will call you back
because he has to look it up. Great, thank you. I appreciate it. Yeah. I’ve
been working at the library for about three and
a half years, and I just can’t seem to leave
it because I love the people I work with and
the work is very enjoyable. It’s definitely different
than my 9 to 5 job. And that’s kind of
what I like because I get to do all
aspects of I.T. I’m really big on
consignment and actually buying used. I like to
buy used furniture. I like to
buy used clothes. Definitely it’s a great
way to find quality pieces. So I usually try to
meal prep, but sometimes it can get really difficult
because I’m always on the go. I’m really fortunate that I
have friends who live all over the world. So what
I usually do is I buy the plane ticket and then
I’m able to stay with them. And it’s kind of
nice because they know either the language, the
culture and the places to go. One of my financial goals is actually
to be able to save enough to purchase
another property. And I think I’m leaning
more towards buying in the city and buying more
of a condo because a house can be a
lot of maintenance. I actually wanted to
create a center of technology to be able to
teach other people how to do cybersecurity and be
able to teach children and teens and be able
to get more people into this type of field, especially
when there is a lot of need
in this field.