Hi I am Nurseda Two years ago I went to London And I realised London is a beautiful city to live in All those buildings, architecture, bridges whatever you say is fascinating But I do not want to talk about the buildings I want to talk about one event. In London I attended in a event. The name was “Jack the Ripper Tour” The tour begins at 9 pm and finished at 11 pm. In this tour it is something like city tour But you can see and you can feel all historical places and historical things. It is really cool to live something like that to attend something like that. All this tour duration I always feel like someone was trying to catch me chase me. But it is never something like that. It is all about my feelings. And who is the Jack The Ripper? Jack the Ripper so famous murderer in whole world. And he is not found This is terrifiying and it is always scares me. In this event you can improve your English and learn London Downtown culture. Pubs, streets. I hope I can explain my experience but it is too short. If any questions you can write me e-mail or you can contact me anyways Thanks for this opportunity to make this video. Thanks