– I just landed in New York, and I’m on my way
to Valley Stream, which is 30 miles
outside of Manhattan. I’m gonna meet with
Deirdre and Frank Haggerty. This is a couple
that’s earning $40,200 when the median income
in that area is $81,813. In other words, they’re about
half of where they should be. – There’s a lot of ’80s going on
in that picture. – Rocking the ‘dos,
rocking the ’80s.My name’s Frank Haggerty.My name is Deirdre Haggerty.It was my 19th birthday
celebration, and there is this
really good-looking DJ.And I went over to him, and he
started playing the last song,
and I said, “No, no, no,
you can’t play the last song.
It’s my birthday.”And he’s like,
“Well, let’s dance.” –She’s the most beautiful woman
I’ve ever seen,
and when I danced with
her that night, I just kind of melted. –And I said to my mom, “I just
met the man I’m gonna marry.”
I became a hair stylist
in high school.
I loved doing hair.I stopped working to help out
my husband’s business.
When I first started
the DJ business,
we did almost 200
birthday parties,
and then we decided to expand,so we opened up
a kid’s party place. We were getting to the top
of our game, and we were starting
to produce money.And we moved
into the bigger facility.
– Moving into the bigger place
really was our demise,and then two years after that,
we closed our doors.
– Subsequently, our house
went into foreclosure. – Business was a tremendous
strain on our relationship. Shut up and let me talk! –Deirdre always wants me
to go find another job,
but I don’t want to give up
my DJ business.At times,
I’m upset about that.
I resent that.How we have lasted this long,
I don’t know, but we struggle every month to put food on the table
for our kids. [laughter] –I’m 47,and I’m not making the money. –We’ve been
looking for a miracle.
We’re working hard,and we’re just not
seeing the results.