Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers and certified
bankruptcy specialists Jeff Wishman and Leon Bayer explain why lawyers and tax professionals
refer clients with confidence. We receive a lot of referrals from other attorneys
because we’ve been around a long time. They know us. They know we are reliable. They know
that we are certified specialists, certified by the State Bar of California as bankruptcy
specialists. So they don’t have to worry about sending their client to a crummy lawyer. You want a lawyer or any referral base to
have confidence in you, that you’re going to give the right answer because it’s a reflection
on them, and that you’re going to be honest with their referral and fair with the fees.
And if you can’t help the person, sometimes that’s the best thing, is tell them I can’t
help or you shouldn’t file because this is what might happen. We get quite a few referrals from tax attorneys,
CPAs, and even tax preparers because they know that in some circumstances bankruptcy
may discharge income taxes that you owe. If you owe a lot of money in taxes, talk to your
CPA, your tax attorney and talk to a bankruptcy lawyer because you may be very surprised to
find out that that burdensome tax debt could just go away in a bankruptcy case. A lot of
times, it does. We take all referrals very seriously. Ah,
we want somebody to feel confident that we’re going to handle the case as if it was one
of my relatives that I was handling it, and I’m going to treat it, ah, just like I would
treat every other client, with the utmost respect. Take the time necessary to evaluate
the situation and give them the right answers in bankruptcy. Tax attorneys really benefit from having a
good working relationship with a bankruptcy lawyer because oftentimes these things arise
under emergency circumstances. Ah, it’s actually fairly common because people always wait ’til
the last minute to do things. That’s just human nature. It’s part of human nature to
put things off and to put off things that are unpleasant. Put them off as long as you
can. So by the time they go to their tax lawyer or their CPA, and the IRS has issued a notice
of seizure against the client’s building or attachment of the client’s wages, it’s already
out of control. Something’s got to be done quickly. We have the ability to file emergency
bankruptcy cases. We have relationships with a number of CPAs
and tax attorneys where, going both ways, where we’re referring to them and they’re
referring to us. And I like the fact, and they like the fact that if they need a quick
answer, they can pick up the phone and call me; and say ‘Hey Jeff, let me run this thing
right by you.’ And they can feel confident that I’m going to give them the proper answer.
And if I don’t know the proper answer, I’m going to tell them that as well. In addition
to the quick pick up of the phone call, they can refer their client and feel confident
that their client’s going to get the right answer and going to get proper representation.
And that works both ways, so we have a, a great relationship with a number of CPAs,
tax attorneys, throughout the years and it’s worked well for both of us.