[EPISODE 1: An Education in Debt] Are you spying on that lady? No, I’m protecting her. From who? Herself. Sure looks like you’re spying on her. Shouldn’t be in school or something? I’m homeschooled. Argh… Of course you are. Wear a helmet. My mom says I don’t have to. Well, your mom sounds like a real idiot. Anything I can do? I am such an idiot! You’re not an idiot, Alexis. You’re trusting. It just so happens you
trusted someone it was… idiotic to trust. He seemed like such a sweet guy at first. So sorry. I will buy you all new books. That seems wasteful. But, you
could help me pick them up. Of course. Thanks. Gov. Gov? Govinski, Scott Govinski.
But everybody calls me Gov. I’m Alexis. Alexis… Nice to meet you. So, do you work here? Unofficially. What does that mean? Well, they don’t really pay
me or ask me to come. I just like to come down here
for a couple hours everyday. Just to throw in my two cents. It seems like everybody needs
to be told what to do. Now, officially I’m a student.
I’m a 6th year senior. What are you studying? Poli Sci, engineering, economics,
education, and nursing. Wow, that’s incredible! What are you gonna do with all of that? Everything. I mean I really want to make
the world a better place. Well, just not Iran. Ready Lexi? Hey! Can I have those back? Student withdrawal form…
Are you dropping out? No. I don’t know. Maybe. I’m already fifteen grand in debt, and I still have two more years to go. Plus, I kind of have a business now. Alexis is an amazing artist. Last summer I taught myself
how to build a website for her. Now she’s kicking butt
selling her shirts and bags online. I’m making real money;
not made up Internet money or something. It just seems like a better idea to focus on
that rather than going deeper into debt, getting a degree that won’t
even help us get a job. Look, I made a chart
of cost versus benefits. I like charts. Who is that? She’s my friend, Libby. Education is priceless. I think it’s pretty crass to bring up money when we are talking about your future. We’re getting an amazing deal here. The facilities, the faculty,
a world-class administration. My dorm has an Olympic size pool! With all the easy money handed out to students, the University has no incentive to cut costs. And every year they spend more. You can see about it here. Don’t let information
get in the way of learning. Have you thought of studying abroad? Definitely not. Aren’t those programs like twice as expensive
as a regular semester? And twice as fun. Seriously, Where do you want to go? I know people in every country. Though, take it
with a grain of salt what they say about me. Well. I would love to go to Italy. Right. The food, the art… … I’m a total Michelangelo fangirl. The artist, not the ninja turtle. Well, both. There is a summer semester in Florence. Do it, do it, do it. Alexis, you don’t have the money for this. That’s what loans are for… When you don’t have
the money for it… It sounds like somebody
needs an education. Florence… Look, I know some people. If I vouch for you, then they can definitely
get you the money that you need. Maybe even a little extra. You can do that? Look, I know we just met Alexis, but I care deeply about you, maybe more than you care
about yourself. And I don’t want anything
to come between you and the education that you desire. I would love go to Florence. You deserve to go. But, you already have
so much debt to pay. How would going to Italy
help with that? You can have a lifetime
to pay off out debt. A lifetime. But your education opportunities are right now. There’s nothing more important
than your education. Except maybe corn farmers.