hello and welcome to my channel my name
is Alanda Carter and I am the recovering hunbot I create anti MLM videos so if
you enjoy fancy MLM content you might wanna consider subscribing today’s video
features lularoe and MLM that continues to cause women to
go into terrible debt I never was a lularoe haha I just have a huge issue
with the fact that so many women were taken advantage of by their desire to
have a home-based business I mean granted we could put that towards
basically any MLM but this one really just grinds my gears extra Holly Smith
and I will throw up a card for her she puts out great short videos all the time
and it features you know like Deanne who she’s one of the owners and they’re just
really good and you guys should totally check them out check out her channel
subscribe to her she’s really awesome and you see I followed this overall
story I think really it goes back to the fact that a childhood friend was roped
into this opportunity she now feels unique and unfortunately I don’t believe
I can go to her for her story because she still believes in the M on fairy
tale you know so I don’t think she’d be forthcoming because when you’re in HoN
bot mode you just don’t see it and I know full well when you’re you’re in
that mindset you’re literally unable to see anything other than what you’ve been
indoctrinated with and I’ve said this in some groups I may have said it here
before but I’m gonna say it again literally you could be on fire and
totally deny it the indoctrination into any MLM I think there’s indoctrination
into the overall kind of category of multi-level marketing but then it gets
like discrete in terms of which one you’re aligned with but all of it it’s
very very similar in the message the wording all of that and it really it
takes over your mind it truly truly does and I know anyone who has not been
involved in it you might think well how could that be so just trust me that is
what happens over and over again because you keep being exposed to the same thing
the same language the same you know belief system and then you take it in as
your own so if this sounds good to you going down the little road wrap it whole
so just be can come with me get some snacks you know get coffee tea grab some
wine whatever you need and let’s get to it okay the other day I told you guys
I’m like okay I need help figuring out if I should fix chili or stew because it
was cold here in Houston it’s still slightly chilly not all that much and so
you know I’m like what should I fix because you know when it’s cold out I
want something that feels good and so I asked you guys to comment and thank you
for commenting I really appreciate it I ended up fixing both because I was like
why not I sent my husband to the store and it’s really funny because I’m like I
sometimes I don’t remember the names of stuff does that ever happen to you I
just know what it is I know to get it so I kind of like look for that picture of
thing and that’s kind of how I described it what I used when I fix chili I’m like
it’s that alarm thing you know and I used to call it a three alarm I didn’t
realize it was two alarm and I think there’s a no alarm but I use two alarm I
just don’t put in the the red pepper not because I don’t like hot things I
actually do there’s some stuff that I like that’s hot
that I’m not happy and less like my nose is running and my eyes are watering and
for the stew I know I was asked well you know is it your unrest opee and I in a
sense that is just so you know my mom I learned a lot from her my parents had a
restaurant for over 20 years and my mom cooked all the time that huh and I
watched her and so when I fixed my stew it’s like I have never followed a recipe
ever I just know what the ingredients are and I know what spices to put in it
so that it tastes the way that I want it to that’s that’s a lot of times how I
will figure out things even if I go to restaurant and I have something I’ll be
able to figure out what’s being used and I’ll just go like huh and I’ll just kind
of go and recreate it on my own I don’t know if that makes sense to you that’s
that’s just if I do so right now the stew is cooking and the chili is already
done that’s in the refrigerator exact extent yesterday so there’s my chili or
stew which is both update now let’s get to the little robe I found this I think
it was an hour slash Lulu no and I just thought it was really comical because I
mean isn’t this like so the truth Christian girls choosing a career path
I’ll be a nurse or hey I’m going to join a pyramid scheme
you could put teacher and you didn’t put so many different things you know or
pyramid scheme and I think it’s just what really bothers me about this I mean
hey you know I’m the recovering husba is that is that belief that whatever quote
opportunity you join is actually going to give you the desired results and how
and I did it too i straight-up did this it was like oh
but working for work you know a company that’s the real pyramid scheme got blah
you know all that twisted logic it’s pretzel logic it makes no sense and I
made no sense but that’s the belief that I have and I thought Beachbody hey that
is my ticket boy howdy was I wrong all right let’s move on I don’t remember
where I found this but let’s check it out
know someone who has never tried to Lula nominate someone you know who has never
tried Lula Lula row sorry and you want to gift them leggings and just you hope
gosh it kind of hurts seeing this but let me just give you my spin on it if
you don’t know this well you will now a lot of people who have been with little
Roe have quit and they’re I believe they’re called retailers and literally
all you need to do on Facebook and I know I’ve done a video on this I’ve
shown you the going-out-of-business goob rubes and I’ve shown you the Facebook
marketplace just swatted with all this little road stuff literally there’s a
ton of it on Facebook in it it really it hurts so I see this as someone who
probably has more inventory than what they know what to do with and it’s like
hey if I can just get someone at least one pair of leggings that’s one pair of
leggings I don’t have to worry about but also it’s probably an attempt for
anybody who’s commenting that means that oh these people have tried lularoe I can
now reach out to them and invite them to my whatever fill in the blank with
whatever lularoe does I know that they have private groups where they do like
you know like sales and all this crap or however they do it that’s gonna be a way
to how can I get more people into my funnel at least that’s my perception it
makes sense and then I saw these all of this to me is a big WTF and what I
looked at this I thought okay number two is I thought maybe this was like the
flash you know sometimes when you take a picture it’ll kind of like fade out at
the top or something so I thought that’s what it was but upon further review
which if I grab that thing from my husband because I think it comes from
football and they have to review plays I’m totally not sporty spice anyway I
think it’s like a gradient and if that’s the case why that’s just awful that’s it
hurts to look at and then the one below it number three is absolutely hideous
and this reminds me I don’t know the name of the shirt but there is a style
of shirt that kind of looks like an old baseball shirt at least that’s what I
call them that you know typically a baseball shirt is like the most of it is
like white and the sleeves would be like solid say blue solid red saw love you
solid something but lularoe because it is lularoe no no no no no on the sleeve
we’re not gonna do a solid no why would we do a sullen wouldn’t we have all
these prints you know I mean come on and so that’s they did for
number three it was throw some print random print maybe they just had extra
up there for sleeves and then number one I love Paisley but the overall shape of
this dress and I you know granted I need to lose some weight but that’s a
different conversation okay and I feel like a big old chunk but I look at this
and it just goes back to I know uh the Foxhall always describes these dresses
in this way a big circus tent and that’s what it is it’s just like a shapeless
thing that just stick on your body and you know I mean if it’s comfy great if
you want some comfy clothes but I mean why do all their clothes have to be so
completely shapeless and these crazy prints I mean like I literally do not
get anything when it comes to lularoe okay I found these in a group and these
are from 2016 but I’m pretty sure this you know brainwashing them went on back
then is something that continues today you know what now be smart grow deep
before you go wide as you’re building to 1,000 get at least ten in each size in
each style don’t add a new style until your others are complete as you increase
to 1500 I recommend doing 15 to 20 and 200 plus leggings each size okay I don’t
think I’m gonna get this right but I’m gonna tell you what I think this is
again I was never a little Rohan so if you were and you know what this means
then you know chime in below in the comments because you know I’m taking a
shot in the dark I’m guessing this refers to the style of
the garment and you are encouraged to have 10 of each size and in each style
and I know there’s like Randy’s and Danns and all these different names for
their clothing are named after people but the thing is is you have no control
over what you get that’s where there’s all these crazy
prints that nobody wants and so no wonder no wonder if you are encouraged
to keep getting stuff no wonder there are so many of these god-awful things
all over the place and taking up space in people’s homes I mean hello we’ll
check this out and then there’s this sales averages inventory size 500 pieces
equals $500 evening so I’m guessing that if you have 500 pieces you can expect to
sell $500 that’s that’s what I’m guessing what this goes through but when
you look at these numbers doesn’t it kind of just stick out that there’s kind
of this underlying encouragement for you to buy more especially when you get down
to the 3,000 pieces 3,000 pieces of lularoe 3,000 just wrap
your head around that number 3,000 pieces of lularoe no wonder we see what
we see and they’re saying this is 5,000 to 7,000 dollars and it is them but you
can sell that amount it if I’m interpreting this correctly I mean no
wonder people are stuck with stuff because you’re encouraged to keep
getting more and here we go just keep buying more 90 day plan sell 100 pieces
times 17 dollars profit 7 1702 invest investing back until lularoe of course
average price per piece $19 equals $89 new pieces a month sell 200 well then
you get 179 new pieces sell 300 well then you order 268 new pieces sell 400
350 7 new pieces sell 500 order of 447 new pieces do you see what I’m saying
right there there’s that continued encouragement to keep getting more of
this stuff they don’t discuss or at least I haven’t seen anything what you
do when everything you get is hideous and you cannot get a single soul
to buy it what do you do then well what you do is you’re desperate and you end
up taking a loss if you can get anybody to buy it or you may just be stuck with
it I don’t know but I just think it is disgusting and voila
proof meanwhile a consignment shops goodwill garage sales Facebook
marketplace I mean anywhere you can stick some clothes right lularoe
liquidation moving sale $5 do you live in this place or near and want to come
shop total liquidation sale with great pricing you won’t want to miss we move
suit and must downsize we are at this place p.m. to set up a time good gravy
look at all of that see this is what I mean you’re encouraged to buy and buy
and buy and buy and buy isn’t that just awful ok this is something that I saw in
a group and I’m gonna read it to you the person’s name doesn’t matter we’re not
going there it really doesn’t matter because this I think is something that
anyone has who has been in lularoe would probably say you know just sold off my
remaining leggings that were super hot prints 25 pair for a hundred and forty
dollars that’s five dollars and sixty cents a pair their leggings for retail
or twenty-five dollars so wrap your head around how much of a loss this person
took just to get rid of all makes me want to puke I’m sad and disgusted with
myself for ever getting involved with this company and losing so much money
still have a closet of stuff I guess some money is better than just getting
them to Goodwill did you did you feel that you know just to get anything she
considers got a win it’s better than just giving them to Goodwill but you and
I both know that this sweet lady is probably going to reach a point where
it’s like I just can’t and take them to Goodwill now
unfortunately there’s a lot of places you know Goodwill Salvation Army just
you know all the different ones I think here we did have a place called Sam
dollar my mom always took stuff there and I just saw that it’s place is closed
now it kind of breaks my heart it always reminded me of my mom when I Drive by it
but anyway there’s a lot of those places that they’re not accepting anymore
lularoe because they can’t get rid of the inventory they have so even when you
give it for free nobody wants it and absolutely no wonder why would anyone
want the piece that looks like this now I look at this pattern I don’t think
it’s a bad pattern but look at that seam hello it doesn’t match that is just
awful my mother would just come unglued if she saw these things she was such an
amazing seamstress made so many amazing outfits for me growing up I wish I would
have learned to sew from her I wish I would have had more appreciation for it
but I was just gotten real snotty about the whole thing of sewing I mean but man
my mother made immaculate pieces of clothing but see this I mean would you
want to wear this out I mean I I went mine the print I think it’s kind of cute
for a little row print although it does kind of what I look at it is it just me
or does it kind of remind you of the female anatomy if you’re picking up what
I’m throwing down I mean on second thought I’m kind of seeing that it’s
kind of Georgia O’Keeffe like if you know what I mean just saying and people
do things like this just to try to get rid of the crap I mean really these
women are desperate and I don’t blame them I mean they can’t get rid of this
stuff lularoe by 425 having a flash sale is that too Oh trying I know
trying to get rid of it all rip up at all I mean what do you what do you do
and I’ve even seen some posts of people saying things like that it’s like can
you give me some more ideas it’s like people are running out of ideas of what
to do with all of this crap you know I mean I guess one thing that you
could do and I think people have done this if there is some sort of disaster
somewhere and people have lost everything you can donate your little ro
stuff for free to be able to help those people and it’s a bit horrifying
thinking that you know people love it but you know the whole beggars can’t be
choosers kind of a thing that they’ll be walking around a little robe and
hopefully they’ll get back up on their feet not be able to share the little ro
but you know I mean as someone who buys it Tallulah Road you have all this stuff
what do you what do you do how do you unload this stuff I mean it really it
just boggles my brain okay now I want to share with you something that happened
last week and again I was never a part of a little row but this just makes me
so mad and it also makes me think that holy
heck they are reaching so they lowered the onboarding cost which the lowest was
roughly $5,000 not anymore no no no just watch part of
jday Facebook live I’m not sure what that is but and she said the lowered
onboarding cost to $4.99 65 pieces they are giving 65 pieces for $4.99 no matter
the wholesale cost of the piece desperate much there’s got to be a catch
it was in the thousands before this almost sounds like a warehouse clearing
event yeah it really does that’s got to stick in the craw of all the folks
who’ve paid thousands to buy into it and can’t sell got bunk patterns poorly made
pieces etc the ones in debt well over $4.99 and I have seen people who owe
back taxes thanks to lularoe hashtag because of
lularoe absolutely this is such a red flag it’s alarming if you don’t see this
as a bad sign for the little road mothership that I don’t feel bad for
when your business fails I think it’s desperate attempt to get
more money I do too sure you have 65 pieces for 4.99 but
then your spouse is going to preach the more you
by the more you sell these people are going to be duped – I think so
especially you know I think that should you want some 2016 I think they’re going
to get that whole message of like keep buying also she mentioned you only have
to sell one piece a month to stay active I thought it was more before or you have
to purchase a certain amount in a month it has to be a warehouse clearance or
shutting down Corona in two months where else are they going to put it they want
some profit off it before it’s left in the rain Wow okay if you didn’t know
this they have a warehouse in Corona California and they’re shutting it down
and there’s over a hundred and sixty people that are going to be laid off and
this comment right here before it’s left out into the rain there were little
arrow pieces that were sent to retailers that were wet and soggy and gross and
they had been left outside and then I also found this on reddit the other
stuff was on reddit as well lots of threads for this or popping up so let’s
keep it to one thread the original thread pretty self-explanatory huh what
we know ongoing little row the company is predatory AF D Anna’s clueless mark
is evil thousands upon thousands of sellers have gone into the red for them
and that is so true lil row back out of all those refunds
they offered yep sure did they don’t pay their bills yeah there’s lawsuits over
that they are in court over not paying their bills but mark has a large very
expensive car collection he’s put into the name of shell companies they are
under investigation in Washington State for being a scam and he said if they get
into legal trouble he’ll bail to the Bahamas with the money that they can’t
touch what we know current status there will be a hundred and sixty seven
layoffs in Corona the warehouse is closing the layoffs will be December
20th they still haven’t paid their darn bills that’s not that all of this not
tell you something about this company why would anybody buy any stuff that
start now and the thing that gets me because I have seen this some of and I’m
guessing they are some of their quote top retailers and some of the videos
that Holly has put out where people are encouraging you to
that now is the time and Deanna this thing don’t wait for launches get
whatever is in the warehouse yeah they want to get rid of their crap but the
stuff that comes out of their mouth and how they’re using people to tell others
to join makes me physically ill how can you do that how can you keep getting
people roped into this it’s absolutely sickening now this is just my thought
and you know I really think I’m probably not that far off but my guess is this
whole lowered cost to get in and quote have your own business is a last-ditch
attempt that’s kind of a money grab I suspect that the thought is if we lower
it then people will be more apt to join so it’ll be interesting to see how this
unfolds over time you know but the thing is I am more concerned with the people
who join now at this lower cost because of its like what happens to them after
they get in you know the lularoe machine then can work on them mentally and if
they watch like Deanne and buy into her crap you know all of that it’s just I
feel that history will just repeat itself history will repeat what we’ve
already been shown and that is a bunch of people stuck with crap they just
can’t unload but yet they owe money on it because maybe they financed it
because I know that people are encouraged to get credit card so even if
it is $4.99 so they may open up a credit card and that may end up costing them
double you see what I mean it’s it’s a real slippery slope and also guys I need
your help with something just so you know work is getting into the busy
season for me so I think it’s going to be it’s going to become difficult for me
to make daily videos as much as I love doing it
and I you know I love sharing the janky post that Hans do but there are other
creators who are doing that and they do it so very well I really want to do more
of the one-on-one interviews and you if you’ve heard Morgan or Carole you know
those type of things or like these collabs and stuff and I want to be able
to capture Huynh stories that to me I think is really important
and when I have to alter someone’s voice oh let me tell you it’s extremely
time-consuming I love doing it but it takes me time and so it makes it a
challenge to get things out daily when it’s taking me more time to create those
sort of things does that make sense and I also want to do more deep dives where
I connect the dots for you like I did with that magic but you know I guess
somebody is a POS sy that somebody you know called them out and literally
showed exactly what’s going on but I think you know I’m looking into showing
you all that in a different way did you like how I spelled that out was that
good because you know what actually I would typically say that but I tried to
keep it clean on my channel because I just do anyway so far I have really only
used information that’s you know it’s public-facing it’s not like I am showing
anything that you can’t find if you just know where to look you know and if you
know how to search for things that’s the stuff that I share I’m not going into it
someone’s garbage or so that you know I mean I’m not doing anything that you
know where it is really risking someone being discovered of who they are because
it’s all public information you can look on people’s LinkedIn you can look on
people’s Facebook you can google stuff and find information you can look on the
Better Business Bureau you can put different keywords together in a Google
search and find stuff I mean it’s it’s not that challenging to do that it may
take take time it may take some thinking about how am I going to look for this
but that’s literally what I do is I start just digging around
but to do all of that it does take time and I want to give each piece the time
and care it deserves because you my audience you deserve that
you deserve me to give each piece time and care I really want to get your
opinion about the amount of videos I should be putting out each week and the
type of content I should be putting out for you I want to know what you think so
let me know and if you want to support me over on my patreon that would be one
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I think I know yeah I can create polls on my Facebook page which is the
recovering cunt bot so I don’t have a community tab here yet on YouTube but
you know I also need to give my body a break because this forward motion thing
that I do being on the computer and spinning all the time putting this
together it’s you know it’s impacting me and it’s not a bucket of that and I’m
thinking of doing like a youtube lie livestream like once a month and since I
still have a good number of stories on the Google forum that I use I want to do
one of those each week and I’d also like to do a personal one-on-one interview
each week and potentially do weekly deep dives but that may need to be more like
bi-weekly or I’m connecting the dots I’m not really sure and you know also some
of the story type posts that are on reddit where I address things and I kind
of give you insight about like what huns can be thinking when they’re doing some
things or saying some things or and all of that you know also I’m interested in
you know sometimes what’s in the news about in Ellen’s and that’s why that I
brought up this stuff in lularoe because I saw this whole thing in this price
drop and that to me is something that’s important to talk about just like I did
last week on something about corona closing down you know all of that I
think is important when things come out and I and I have different Google Alerts
set and different things come to me in terms of that way of what I know what’s
going on but also things that I see that other people are bringing in
in different groups so you know I have different ways of finding content I just
really want to know what you think and how I can best communicate to you
outside of my videos now of course I’m not Instagram I’m on Twitter I don’t
really use Twitter all that much maybe I should if that works for you and with
Instagram I have to create a picture all the time of needs of us that’s kind of a
pain right now so I really want to know from you what what would work best for
you let me know just drop it in the comments because that will help me and
thank you very much for helping me out because I am here to serve you I am here
to get information out to educate people so that hopefully they can avoid some
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you spend with me and remember if we want there to be a change it’s up to us
to share our stories it’s up to us to speak out if you have an MLM story I
encourage you to share it if you know someone who has a story please encourage
them to share it as well I would love to interview you I’d love
to capture it on the Google for whatever floats your boat of like getting that
information I think it’s highly important I also invite you to file a
report with the FTC the SEC and through state authorities which for me is the
Attorney General it may be different for you internationally I don’t know what it
is you’re gonna have to look that up but most people just want to put the entire
thing behind them and go into that good night and I do get that I understand
that because you know speaking out you know you you are potentially going to
take some heat but I am that’s why I want to be your voice if if you can’t
have your face shown or your voice you know what I mean I want to be there for
you because your story is important to me but MLMs are counting on in
and other people who are doing Genki things like these weird business
opportunities you know like the video of mine that was we’ve had this privacy
claim on it did I showed like the absolute process of what people are
using to be able to rip people off these people are expecting us to just slink
into a corner to not speak out and that’s why we need to speak out you know
just imagine if all these government entities started getting complaints
every day Monday through Friday on every single MLM every single scam don’t you
think that’d be a powerful and clear message that there’s something rotten in
Denmark and remember change starts now