[♪ soft music playing ♪] Welcome to a March of Dimes Moment. Did you know that your trustee of your Henson Trust
has a lot of responsibility? You need to pick the right kind of person. So what do you look for in a trustee? First and foremost, you want someone
who knows the needs of your son or daughter. You want to pick someone that you trust. Someone who’s of similar age… It doesn’t make a lot of sense to appoint
Gramma and Grampa to be trustee over a trust that’s going to last for the next 40 or 50 years. You should also pick someone who can operate
the trust under: “The standard of diligence of a prudent person.” That just means they need to operate the trust
very very judiciously… and probably in a better manner than they operate their own finances. You also want someone who understands the Trustee Act
and the ODSP regulations. You also want someone who has a sound investment strategy, good basic financial management skills… and you want someone who’s got time on their hands
to take on the responsibility of managing this trust. Sound’s like we’re looking for the 6 Million Dollar Man
or Wonder Woman. But if you select a trustee or a group of trustees
that fill those qualifications, then your son of daughter will have the quality of life
that you want them to have. And this has been a March of Dimes Minute. [♪ soft music playing ♪]