What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’ve got some great information
for you guys so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off
with this crazy mobile game called Mario Kart tour can you believe just the other
day they said 10 million downloads then it was 20 million downloads and now it’s
at 90 million downloads in its first week and it’s breaking all sorts of
records for Nintendo mobile games so 90 million unique downloads in its first
week this is Nintendo’s fastest mobile game launch in its history this is six
times greater than the company’s second best launch which was animal crossing
pocket camp mile kart tour has taken third place in terms of spending with
twelve point seven million and joyed has proven to be the most popular platform
for Mario Kart or picking up fifty three point five million downloads or fifty
nine point five percent the game has generated thirty six point five million
downloads on iOS the App Store players represented the majority of gross
revenue spending nine point six million or seventy five point five percent and
of course you know us Android users out there using our brain a little bit more
when it comes to snow I’m joking kind of but anyway this is
compared to Google Play users 3.1 million or twenty four point five
percent this gives Mario Kart tour a revenue per download of 0.26 on the iOS
compared to the 0.06 on Android the United States did account for thirteen
point two million downloads or fourteen percent the United States did also lead
the way in revenue accounting for five point eight million or forty five point
four percent of the total Japan finished the week just behind with four million
in player spending or 31.3% France came in third with seven hundred to two
thousand or six point four percent so this is pretty crazy that these numbers
are kind of out there like this I didn’t expect mark our tour to hit ninety
million downloads in its first week especially because we just got news that
it hit 10 then 20 million I know it doubled like overnight it was actually
during one of my streams it actually doubled I was like oh snap it’s going
pretty quickly and this is what I was talking about that
the mobile audience is really a lot different than the home console audience
because even if you have a free-to-play game even in a big franchise you’re not
gonna get 90 million downloads in one week it’s just not gonna happen we’ve
seen free-to-play games come out from big franchises and you’re just not going
to get 90 million downloads on systems so the mobile market is completely
different they like this micro transaction stuff and all that but most
of the people that are downloading the game aren’t paying for anything they’re
just playing the game and checking out and having fun when they feel like and
that’s kind of how these free-to-play mobile games are you just kind of play
and if you want to spend some money you spend some money if you don’t then you
don’t it’s free-to-play it’s a mobile game so what are you guys thoughts on
Mario Kart or hitting 90 million let me know in the comment section below
alright moving on to the next topic here we’re going to talk briefly about Dragon
Quest 11s definitive edition sales or echoes of an elusive phase definitive
it’s such a long title the sales for Japan actually just came out recently
this is the switch version that has all the extra stuff on all the buffs and
improvements to the game I really like this game I’m gonna be doing more
content on it and this game sold three hundred and three thousand two hundred
and four units in its first week of sales in Japan which is really good
considering that usually when you see games come out years later in Japan
people don’t wait to play let me just buy it on whatever system it’s on
but the Nintendo switch is doing pretty good with that that bumped sales up of
the Nintendo switch to nearly two hundred thousand units sold to be exact
one hundred and ninety six thousand four hundred and eighty nine units
so between Dragon Quest 11 asks echoes of an elusive aged definitive edition
and the Nintendo switch getting bumped up in sales a lot of stuff there for the
past two weeks with the switch light launch then also with this week with
Dragon Quest the Nintendo switch has sold nearly 400,000 units in Japan going
towards half a million probably next week it’s gonna be half a million units
or right around there within a two to three week period that is absolutely
nuts I honestly can’t believe that Dragon Quest of a switch light has done
this much damage and this short of time paid when it comes down to launching and
bringing out some of the games with an order title it’s crazy and I think it’s
gonna get even crazier when it comes to the holiday because you have pokemon
sword and shield which is going to be a big game no matter how much people
complain because let’s go Evie and – Oh Pikachu because people were really
upset with that game and it still did really well and helped boost sales
across the world so I see pokemon sword and shield even doing more especially
with the cheaper price point this is going to be like a parent’s a favorite
thing to buy in Japan it’s going to be the switch light or the switch light the
pokemon edition with pokemon sword and shield so Japan is definitely going
strong with releases on the Nintendo switch and the switch system itself also
other notable games to tell your raisa that did pretty good
I know koa tech muslin sold 150,000 units or right shipped and digital plus
physical so that was pretty good code Vayne opened up at 60,000 units
plus so not bad at all there and yz9 that opened up at 45,000
units remember guys none of the sales here include digital at all so all these
probably did a bit better but yeah it’s good to see Dragon Quest do so well I
love that game I think it’s fully optimized and plays really well on the
Nintendo switch I’m like I said I got a video coming up on it
well another video I’ve already done one make sure you guys watch that one but I
have another video coming up on it the game is really really really good so
we’ll talk about that some more so what do you guys think about these Japanese
sales for Dragon Quest 11s and also for the Nintendo switch doing so well no
other system was even close guys like the next closest system was the
PlayStation 4 family of systems so ps4 ps4 pro but 24,000 units plus so nothing
was even close to the Nintendo switch with this 196 thousand units plus so
what do you guys think about all this let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below all right I’m moving on to the next topic here could we be getting
a hunter hunter game from cyberconnect2 and of course I’m just including my own
conjecture and my own wanting and hoping for that there is no actual evidence
based on this tease from the cyberconnect2 president that there will
be a hunter hunter game but we almost got one they were very close in the poll
when it comes to gust and KO’ing Tecmo so if they were paying attention they
would know that the next game on that list was hunter hunter but I want to
read off what the cyberconnect2 president had to say here and this was
the question that I’ll be the answer if you were to make another anime game
series like the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm games what anime
would choose and here’s what you had to say I
can’t answer that the reason being that we already have an idea and have begun
developing it so well when the timing is right I’m sure the new project we are
working on will be announced please look forward to that day we are doing what
we’ve been wanting to do so I’m really hoping that this is hunter hunter I
think hunter hunter needs a good game in the franchise and I’ll be honest I’m not
big on the naruto ultimate ninja storm games i don’t like them a lot but i’ll
tell you this there are a lot better than anything that’s come out from the
hunter hunter camp in the past 20 years that they’ve been making games all of
the games are pretty bad there’s like no good games i think there’s maybe like a
mobile game that might be passable but for the most part all the games are bad
so if it was like naruto ultimate ninja storm but like a hunter hunter skin
slapped on top of it I’ll take that because at least we’ll get good graphics
at least we’ll get good cutscenes at least there’ll be that and at least
they’ll take the story and make the fights even better like they’ll make
them even better because that’s the one thing that cyberconnect2 is really good
at taking like the scenes from the anime and making them even better than what
they were in the anime so I do think that if they did a hunter hunter game
I’d be excited for that so let’s just hope that we get that at some point
because it’s been long overdue so what do you guys think about this do you guys
enjoy cyberconnect2 games do you guys like the Naruto games what are your
thoughts on all this I’d love to hear what you guys have to say in the comment
section below alright now moving off to the next topic
here pokemon sword in shield will include 18 gems with major and minor
leagues so it does seem like the games are gonna be a little bit harder for
people out there so this was in a new interview with the directors of the game
Game Informer has a scoop on this they’ve been talking about Pokemon and
showing off all sorts of cool videos so make sure you guys check out Game
Informer for all of the newest information out there but I wanted to
talk about this just a bit because I’m a Pokemon fan and we have really got a ton
of good news when it comes to Pokemon but this is good news so this is what
you have to say there are 18 different types of gems in the story and depending
on the version which gyms are in the minor league and which gyms are in the
major league are different for example in sword the fighting-type gym will be
in the major league but in shield the ghost type the idea is the
every year the gala our region is plane and which gyms make it into the minor
league versus the major league changes so pretty cool stuff there I like the
fact that they’re kind of mixing things up minor and major and there’s 18 gyms
that’s not bad I think the last time that we got this many gyms was heartgold
SoulSilver there was like 16 or so in there so to have 18 gyms major and minor
leagues it’s a start when it comes down to it so I do like that and I personally
like what they’re doing with the game obviously there’s some stuff that they
can do to make the game better and I think that they’re going to get better
over time and I understand the complaints from Pokemon fans when it
comes to like to cut Pokemon and all that stuff I understand but I’m still
excited to play a new Pokemon adventure in HD I know the graphics aren’t the
best I get that and trust me hopefully they improve over time I think
they will just like X on Y to Sun and Moon and ultra Sun and Moon and all of
that I think they’ll improve them but it’s better than the 3s you know what
I’m saying it’s better than the 3d s and I can actually stream it because 3d s
capture cards are stupid so I’m excited to be able to share my Pokemon
adventures with you guys to at least have HD visuals like I said I know
they’re not the best but at least have HD visuals and get a game on the big
screen in addition to playing anywhere that you want and I’ll probably look
pretty good when it’s important we’ll play on the switch slide or something
like that but what do you guys have thoughts on this in particular when it
comes to the 18 gyms minor and major leagues let me know in the comment
section below all right I’m moving on to the last topic here we have some
unfortunate news when it comes to Mario and Luigi RPG series developer alpha
dream they have filed for bankruptcy or they’ve declared for bankruptcy so these
guys have done so many of the really good Mario and Luigi games a lot of
people really do like their games dating all the way back to the GBA the pixel
art and everything the stories the writing was always really good and
unfortunately they have declared for bankruptcy now the company has been in
business since January of 2000 more details will be shared once they are
made known and I think there was some more details that there 4.3 million in
debt so it does seem like they’re done and their website as well was shut down
so this doesn’t look good but I do think that antenna can probably pick up some
of these developers and maybe get an in-house developed Mario Luigi game for
the Nintendo switch I think their last game the bowser’s Inside Story + and all
that obviously putting out in 2019 and o3s was not a good idea because
people don’t want to play it on a 3ds if that game whatever came out on switch I
probably would have done triple or more of the sales because it was one of the
worst selling ones and because people just moved on from 3s all the core
gamers that are playing games that would play a game like Mario and Luigi are on
switch they’ve either sold their 3ds is giving them away or just don’t care
enough to go by and I think that was the thing with me is just like well whatever
and nobody was talking about it and you can’t stream 3ds games and in today’s
day with the market and how things are you got to be able to show off a game or
play it people want to see that on youtube and twitch and most people don’t
have 3ds capture cards so you don’t get a lot of the modern streamers doing that
very few people are gonna do that in today’s day with the switch out and so
many games being released especially with this crazy lineup we’ve had this
year so that was just the unfortunate thing for Mario and Luigi but I do think
that the developers can be higher they’re not a huge studio so I think
they can get new jobs and I do feel that Nintendo maybe can kind of step in and
say alright we can get a Mario Luigi game or maybe even Paper Mario kind of
goes back to being the main RPG series because that was one of the reasons why
that Paper Mario kind of went in the direction that it did is because they
had Mario and Luigi and the RPG series there so they didn’t want it to be
redundant so maybe they kind of shipped it back into that higher somewhat alpha
dream higher sum of intelligent systems to kind of get that going and we kind of
get that when it comes to the Mario RPG series of games moving for not the Mario
Luigi games in particular so what are you guys thoughts on this I’d love to
hear what you guys have to say on all the different topics from mario kart but
MIPS you dragon quests which sales cyberconnect2 maybe a hunter hunter game
pokemon sword and shield and this love via what you can say in the comment
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