Hi I’m Mark Dunham I’m on the board of
the College of Western Idaho When I was eight years old my parents
got divorced and my mom was a single mom raising four boys and it was the late
60s and she didn’t really have a lot of opportunities. I thought about my mom
when CWI was founded and I just wanted to make sure that families and
women and children had opportunities because my mom did not. There’s a need
for education so I try to bridge this gap to just say that we’re all people
and everybody needs help and it doesn’t matter who you are but there is this
common goal and it’s… just… it’s humanity I just remember our first class our first
graduating class we had 1,200 students and there was a media report saying that
we’re a failure and now it’s you know we have 33,000 students and I think we’ve
proved our success it’s all about the students for me I just smile because I think we make a difference in people’s lives