What’s the matter?
You never saw anybody from
the planet Vultern before? Mom.
Beep, beep-beep-beep. Yes, uh, may… Never mind.
Uh, wait a minute!Ma’am!Hi. I’m here to register
my son for the ninth grade.Well, uh,Mrs…No “Mrs.”
I’m Rusty Dennis.
This is my son Rocky. Please, sit down.We’re running a little bit late.
So could you move it along?This is a public junior
high school, Miss Dennis.There are
special schools…with wonderful facilities
that might be more appropriate
for his needs.Do you teach algebra
and biology and English here?– Of course.
– Those are his needs. Perhaps I should speak
to the boy’s father. Perhaps you should
speak to the pope too.
He’d be a lot easier to find.Under the circumstances,
I do feel that for the good of
my students as well as your son,I’m going to need
some additional information… Mr. Simms, you know what?
Don’t jerk me around.
I’m not in the mood.I’ve had a real
crappy day so far.First I find out we’re in the
wrong school district. I gotta
come play pussyfoot with you.This is a copy of our lease,
this is a copy of
Rocky’s birth certificate,and this is his last
report card from
Stevens Junior High School… where he was in the top
five percent of his class. And I got some additional
information for you. My lawyer’s
name is B.D. Higgins.He’s told me of my rights.
If you give me shit, he’s gonna
drag your ass into court.Don’t worry, Mr. Simms.
I look weird, but
otherwise I’m real normal.Everything will be cool. Thanks a lot.
See you next week. Mom.
What? We have a lawyer
named B.D. Higgins?
Yeah. Bulldozer. Come on.
Let’s get out of here.
Hey, you’re a lawyer, Doze. Bullshit rules! Whoo-hoo!