have insider information on what exactly
what happened to the white house today and is f asi absolutely interesting and it turns out or was it really meetings for gilo this story so %uh by the way by server mission at people
at the meeting carter reports the selected consolidate all the answers so they go in they’ve got a deal barney frank this morning with saying i
don’t know why john mckenzie coming here we really have a deal so was mighty
mighty mouse occupied who’s on the radio show they sit down they discuss it everybody agrees they
know that you shelby who was the number one guy in the
banking committee for the republicans is not on board but he’s been replaced basically is that
had to go shooter buys number to that %uh robert bennett republican from utah
who is on board for the deal so they talk for a while and everybody’s by the
shake hands is all good john mccain has said nothing throughout
the proceedings so which is a little strange and then
has about a great john mccain says hold on %uh we have a different proposal and he brings up the house republican
proposed at every site what does this come from we talking about different proposal this is why yet democrats walked out of
meetings it was a we were blindsided by didn’t see it coming at all and mckay says he has a new proposal it has nothing to do with the all
proposal which you’ve now been negotiating for seven long days over chris dodd comes out the details c_n_n_ or that a working day and night on the
sale got any sleep and also the problem with the new
proposal that nobody’s ever even discussed before peaceable waiting to happen of course it
ruin the whole thing etc so the new proposal by the way we
have the details are to your moratorium of corporate taxes capital gains taxes no taxes for corporations for two years and i don’t know what’s in at you came that’s your answer the answer to these corporations screwed up is give
them edge i get a tax breaks for two years land that doesn’t discussed the issue out ahead it has nothing to do with the problem at
hand never tell if anything if it’s a situation worse it’s even been earlier for the corporations and number three if you thought this was a real proposal why didn’t you bring up earlier like seven days ago or five days ago or
three days ago or even a day and go why did you go to the meeting then all of us and darkness in people’s
lack we never discussed it before because you don’t want to constructive
solution this was a giant political by john mccain and the house republicans left you can in good conscience come up
with a whole new proposal no one’s ever go that has nothing to with the issue at
hand and robert the most critical time as
your about that have a deal and they claim it was about politics honestly it was about politics completely what a hundred percent about politics freezing man they screwed up the whole thing and after the meeting evidence of what ok well john mccain
just totally blew this thing up now we don’t have a deal because john king came in here to try to take us with some political
points i don’t know how deep is it as well as
political points cuz i dont u get praised cut because he said he wasn’t able to
belive in some way is it hasn’t come out in favor of it and
any company ruins the whole thing single-handedly plant having to see how he gains from this he looks ridiculous he looks like he’s single-handedly
destroyed to be a allies use against the deal along then i’ve said all that i had the same
set of political strategy except he was against india he said he
was in favor of the deal has he changed his mind this is like this would be a stone flip
flop on this is john mccain had any idea what he’s doing little wonder about that i can understand political mac
efficiency i can understand if he wants to go in there and screw over brocco
bombing he doesn’t mind if the whole country get screwed over in the process
but at least have a coherent plan wiry if you’re gonna ruin the deal why
we say all the way up into that meeting that you are for the deal he doesn’t make any sense the are plausible explanation is john that he doesn’t know any about the
economy is only about any of this thought he came in their and all the top
of his head offers maverick at he dropped this proposal and didn’t realize
that ruin the whole deal another man either way either he doesn’t know what
he’s doing and accidentally remedial or be he meant to an ideal for political
gain in a way that i can even understand public things a parable