Hi everyone, here is this week’s
McCombs Minute. In the news this week, we’re grateful that Amit Kumar’s
gratitude research is featured in Fast Company. IROM professor Rajiv Garg was
featured on the front page and online in the Austin Statesman in a story about
student lunch debt and IROM professor Tricia Moravec is featured in The
Conversation discussing her fake news research. In our Big Ideas faculty
research, John Sibley Butler and Rajiv Garg look at why tech startups tend to
gravitate toward cities with strong funding and network opportunities like
Austin. And it’s gift-giving season but do you ever wonder why your friends don’t
buy you what you ask for? I know me too. Well, check out the McCombs research to
discover why. Let’s hop over to the McCombs calendar, our winter commencement
is this Saturday at 3:30. Also coming up is our Business Outlook series in
cities across the state. Click below to register. That’s this week’s McCombs
minute. Have a great rest of your week everybody!