and what about some of them here with
you hands we’ve been talking feet over the last couple of hours spirits
professions are a lot of things or things you made me an issue of words
organize winners but uh… dan webber is on the line with us he’s with the and the association of mature american
citizens nec that the u_s_ within that we would talk about medicare
and and and how well i want to re-litigate the entire thing maybe we
will with dan uh… damper so what what is in a city poker tournament pure american citizen right i just said that i mean what what
what do you do and then went and got understanding your kind of like a a bloody conservative alternative to the
too and they are paid already are this kind of like a liberal alternate
day india there too horrified to find another organization
more liberal of american prisoners but i would disagree with that they
supported the whole love being a bush things uh… did
medicare part c_ and d_ did to drill holes in medicare in hand off the
corporations so that they could sell the insurance and make a buck your electric co yeah that’s that’s that’s what i said
okay let’s it’s uh… i’m out here the the but but in any case you view you say
that we’re taking the medicare ki and the government back to the drawing board and a create a career program that works agree i and and and i’m just wondering where
we may disagree you as a conservative me as a liberal on this it seems to me that
the current program started out as fish you know there was no it was it was a
single-payer healthcare program run by the government when when lyndon johnson
put in place of sixty-five first proposed in sixty-four and that in two
thousand three when the bush’s the republicans added the medicare part c_
in pardee and say will pay for drugs that the government can’t negotiate the
price is so gail pellett uh… the veterans administration buys for ten
cents medicare has paid twelve dollars for for an antibiotic these kinds of
things that these were just attempts to area that first wallet transfer hundreds of billions of dollars to private health
insurance companies in the private drug companies which has happened and is therefore cripple and weekend
medicare and chand move people actually out of medicare and a private health
insurance does medicare advantage without them even realizing that they’re
leaving medicare and it’s been paid for by the federal government by automatic
deductions and social security and checks at their back in and and so it it
was fishing now it’s not even follow yet it’s neither fish nor fowl it’s this
weird hybrid that is imploding rogue nuclear open accurate medicare
advantage jarvik senior who enroll saves about two to three thousand
dollars a year like you and i don’t as taxpayers well i think about the elderly people
aware it you know i have to say where’s that money coming from the to present a pre present yes that’s
coming out about it here moderate is coming out of the federal
government less well where did the basic medicare come from one of the federal
government bill with medicare part c_ because it’s administered by a
for-profit corporations that for private corporations can scan thirty percent of
the top is profits testing paid for by the federal
government is doing to me that only save their customers money but it’s true in everybody else in
america matted helped the elderly people when
you heard of like my mother lois save two thousand three hundred dollar per
year eighty five years old out a pro product
that put total income of twelve thousand dollars that’s a good thing medicare
advantage with good but you want to talk about positive ideal wynette that that
is not a good thing because because that two thousand
dollars the she saved started out as four thousand dollars of
your my tax dollars right your and i cracked record i think
it well i think it doesn’t matter what my tax bracket is a started out as our
tax dollars the fact the matter is that if she save two thousand if it is just in case your government
medicare he would’ve cost us two thousand but because she’s around wild ride on my
daughter in the money or a for-profit company because three thousand record
your mistake is series u-turn to present three hundred dollars from
miami to buy medicare supplement from hale
update if you didn’t have the medicare
supplement when she went and got a crowd of other redone which would probably be
prohibited under obama care by the way oakmont we won’t let you get that done supplement paid for the deductible medicare advantage include the
deductible toshi say two thousand printed out the
year out of our own pocket right know i i agree with you that that what has happened is that the republicans have changed
medicare no up program where if you buy the
corporate version of it that pretends to be medicare’s costs of medicare
advantage the only involved in the government is
that the government automatically deduction hundred and twenty five bucks
from your social security check in hands off united healthcare and the government
to check in the back you know that the back door t united
health care for in a couple thousand bucks a year free
chicken rowly that you know so it’s what it’s doing is
it’s bankrupting our government newsmaker more profit for the poor per
the private for health insurance yet for-profit health insurance companies a
and yeah your mom is doing better with that but i think she do even better and you
and i as taxpayers would save some money if this stephen j_ hensley has hundred
million dollar-a-year income was not stuck in the middle of it let’s talk for a minute about the
average american instead of the millionaires billionaires but is there really isn’t billionaires
who put themselves between the average american and and and split the
government is paying the bills you want to bear billionaires i want to help the seniors i don’t wanna dash billionaires i want
to get out of the way oh i think i want to get them out of medicare is a seniors
can get a decent program okay then then when elected talk about what we agree on
with great president obama dry and both agree that medicare’s selling u_s_ arab-israeli groundwork outback this week will crack you look back with
the president obama’s sedentary word life here you go down at some point down
the road in ten twenty thirty years down the road any the projections for the
bankruptcy of medicare have ed if you go back to nineteen seventy seven
the projections of always dealt five years out it’s going to fail and it
never has but but the fact of the matter is that the reason why medicare is in
trouble movies id mo in large part because of medicare part c_ in medicare
part d with a republican said okay we’re going
to bring in the private corporations because there’s so much more efficient and in fact there socking thirty percent
out of the money that should that that the dead you know and it’s
going to prop you got over a hundred executives united healthcare making over
a million dollars a year he had any arab peace came in their money off it i
regret you guy i think you know it’s like off everyday but medicare advantage dot medicare itself the
medicare advantage the corporate version medicare has become a honey pot that
everybody in uh… in the honey bee version not
the that the senate version eleven million americans that are saving that
imprint of our product id by not having to buy medicare supplement
because they got it for that person is reaching in the back it’s not it’s not
mad at but let’s talk about things we agree on a cake they’ve got to be done about medicare or
you don’t agree with that so i had you know and i think we’ve got
to make changes we’ve got to reduce costs high since its eighteen the profit
motive i would be a great place claude-pierre i hundred-percent up the
fifth of we’ve got to put in the profit motive
and adult save money so right now you’ve got health insurance
company of the most indeed most specify care in the world of their
health insurance companies are taking anywhere from twenty to forty percent
profit for every every hundred dollars that we spend on health care for united
health care in one these other companies twenty two forty cents a hundred-dollar
part of that dollar is going to pay absurd salaries for ceos and whereas every hundred dollars
biggest room through through social security or medicare three dollars senator hatch’s they do not believe most of the profit
from a cooperation go to the stockholders okay and who want to have you checked
interfere won’t be trapped with yeah the majority of more than more than
eighty percent of the total value of all stock held in the united states is held
by the top one half percent of americans feared the ritual you like that will go over gave you
those they give me that the cameras last semester cardboard but the market in
terms right and that that dated five percent
of what the ventura went on by institutional investor now get through the institute for that
that uh… california state retirement system new york favorite time of birth rather embarrassing there are some
substantial institutional investors cooperating egos if there was a
corporate investors that if you’re looking at people out of alongside or
reverse those guys country is owned by about one half percent very wealthy but
i hope you have it novak frankie he had made a point and and
whether it be an issue that you asked and thanks for dropping dot contract