Hello thank you for contacting Gahanian Law. I am attorney Talia Gahanian. During our initial consultation, I’m
going to take the time to get to know you but before then I wanted to take a
minute to introduce myself. I’m an attorney licensed in Florida since 2015
I also practiced in Ohio for several years and was a paralegal before that.
I’ve been helping people with their financial problems for well over
seventeen years I was drawn to this area of the law because I feel like I can
help people in a significant way. I don’t charge a fee for my initial consultation.
I feel like clients come to me with financial problems and I don’t want to
add to them. Oftentimes clients come in and I find that they don’t need my
services or they’re capable of handling the matter on their own. In those
situations I give them some advice on how to handle the matter best, what to
look out for, and what to expect, and then send them on their way. The legal system in the United States can be intimidating. I help my clients
navigate the system to achieve the best possible outcome for them. Each client is
an individual and I get to know each one if you decide to allow me to represent
yo,u I assure you that I will always be accessible I look forward to meeting you
at our appointment see you soon.