>>Yeah, we’re there for a week, we meet this kid, we meet a family. And the mom says could you
take my son back with you?>>They were just giving clinics and then they saw me over there saying we’re
gonna come back, see you guys again. I didn’t believe them. My people say that all the time.>>We don’t know who’s your son out there. So that little skinny kid, that’s my son. I want him to go back with you guys. So they did came back a year later. And I was a little grown and
everything and they saw me.>>Is good kid, happy,
loved having him in the family. The whole family loved him.>>That guy’s good, he was a little
skinnier than the lot kinda guy. Did he have talent? Probably more so
than some of the other kids. But nothing that you would say yeah,
we can bring him back and make him a major leaguer.>>But I mean,
I just love baseball since a little kid. My country is a soccer country. But I always loved, loved baseball. I mean, since a little kid I
always had that passion for.>>He was homesick. Went home and he said yeah I’m coming. No I’m not coming. Yeah I’m coming. No I’m not coming.>>I was never away from my family. And to be able to do that to a random
place with people that I barely knew, it was tough. And but at the same time, I knew it
was going to be worth at someday.>>His mom never let him spend the night
over at a friend’s house let alone go to another country. [MUSIC]>>Thing that he said and
he made that crystal clear. Coach, I wanna play major league baseball. That’s my dream.>>People are asking me what do
you wanna do when you grow up? I wanna play baseball. You have a backup plan? No, I’m like this is it, this is it.>>He’s driven, there was nothing and
I mean nothing can stop this guy. And he lived and breathed baseball. Even after practice he would go hit
with the son, Ben, and hit for hours. He has strength in those forearms. He didn’t have much of the forearms,
but he had tremendous bat speed. When I take my in and out, I will give
he the Jeter play the Derek Jeter play. Hit it in the hole and
let him backhand and jump up and throw it. He made it look better than Derek Jeter.>>And being able to be the first
one was something amazing. Cuz there’s nobody from my
country ever done that. And to be able to be the first one,
it’s a blessing.>>It is a wonderful story, when you take
this kid from a country of Honduras, where people walk around
with machine guns.>>Us Hondurans, we’re fighters. I mean, we’re fighters,
we overcome a lot of stuff. And then we’re not gonna stop
until we get what we dream of. And I think that’s how you
can describe my people.>>So that was his goal and
nothing was gonna get in his way. So to be surprised that he made it, no.>>I was just excited. I’m like, I get to go home and
play for home for a little bit and then go to the Giants. I mean, in high school,
I used to go to Giants games all the time. Is it a blessing that we got a chance
to see him at the beginning? Absolutely, absolutely. And to see where he is right now and
where he’s gonna be, he’s gonna be magic.>>I mean,
the Giants have been winning World Series. And the ultimate goal is to
help them win another one. So that’s the big plan right now,
for the long run. But right now, we just get up there and prove everybody what I’ve been doing
my whole life and to play baseball. Only God knows what has in store for
me, but I just play every day and
just stay healthy. [BLANK_AUDIO]