– You pool all
the bills together– – No, you don’t pool
all the bills together!male announcer:
A failing meatball maker…
– You could get ’em in a bowl. You could get ’em on a roll.announcer: And a plastic
surgeon’s assistant…
– Okay, I have 1:00
on the 28th.announcer: Who’s addicted
to plastic surgery…
– I had my eyebrows lifted,liposuction, tummy tuck.announcer: Are fighting
constantly over money.
– We can’t have anything I say.
– Then leave, Jon. Then I’ll find somebody that freaking appreciates
what I do. – I do appreciate that–
– No, you don’t.announcer:
She says the meatball business
is the root of all evil.– If I do too much of this, then I can’t be
Johnny Meatballs.announcer:
He says the devil
lies in her
binge shopping.
– I’m just a buyer.I buy, buy, buy, buy…announcer: Can Victor unite
Mr. and Mrs. Meatball
to save their finances
and their family?
– You don’t appreciate
anything that I do. – Megin,
you’re full of [bleep]. – I’m done.
I’m done. – You fight over
the stupidest [bleep]. This is bull[bleep].
You know it is.– This is worse
than rock bottom
this is like
underground right now.
– 3/4 of Americans are living
paycheck to paycheck.
With no cushion
for the expected,
they’re one bad day awayfrom financial disaster.That right there
represents your debt.But there’s hope.I believe in you.
I know you can do it.Growing up on
the tough streets of Chicago,
my family struggled
just to survive,
and that motivated me to
become a tech company CEO
and personal finance
The 1,600, that’s the one we’re
gonna attack aggressively.Now, my mission is to
help families run
like a successful business…This is a takeover.
– We’re in.– And reach financial
– ♪ With a master plan[upbeat music]– I’m heading to
Wood-Ridge, New Jersey,
a suburb 15 miles outside of
New York City,
to meet with
Johnny and Megin DeCarlo.The median income for
Wood-Ridge is $93,500 a year.
The DeCarlos make $89,500,so they aren’t that far off.– Johnny and I got started
in our relationship because he basically
stalked me. – There was something about her
that was very attractive. I’m not gonna lie. Really, what I think– that’s–
that’s what it is, she makes this face
with the lip.– What I love about my husbandis his absolute love
for our children. – [smooches]
– Love you. – Love you too. Do good.
Hit a home run. – I feel like that’s
the only real thing that’s in our life
right now that is solid. Today is a great day. Everything else is just
one big pile of… bills.
[chuckles] Money management is really
the issue for us.We don’t even know
where to begin.
Everything’s just a mess. How much money
did you make yesterday, $60?
– Uh…yeah.– Megin makes
more money than me,
but when it comes to spending
money for self-gratification,
Megin is definitely
the dominating one. See all the purses and
designer gear and whatnot. I don’t know.
– Nah, it’s not that bad. – As the primary breadwinner,Megin works for
a plastic surgeon’s office.
Johnny works forhis father’s soda labeling
business, part-time.
But Johnny’s true passion lies
in his meatball business,which he’s had for
the last seven years.
– ♪ I’m making meatballs Meatballs is my passion.I am Johnny Meatballs.You think, we got
enough forks, bud? – Looks like it.
– [laughs]I eat sleep and breathe them.– When Johnny and I
first got married,
I knew that this wasgoing to evolve into
Johnny Meatballs.
I just didn’t think thathewas gonna turn
into Johnny Meatballs. – ♪ Making meatballs,
making meatballs ♪I feel that’s the only way
that I can get ahead,
is to be Johnny Meatballs 24-7. – At this point, there’s no separation.He is Johnny Meatballs.– And I sometimes
throw it like so, and I throw it like that.
[laughs] – According to online reviews,Johnny has some of the best
meatballs in New Jersey.
– This month has been atrocious. – But yet, his business has
never turned a profit. – All she wants to do is hound
me that I don’t send checks out. Why can’t she help me out when I need help
with the meatballs? – I did help you out!
– You know what– – I’m very close
to walking out of the door.– If things don’t work out,
if things fall apart,
I’m gonna be living
in my meatball truck.And, you know, Megin means
the whole world to me.
The thought of losing her,
it kills me.
I just want Megin to give me
one last shot with the businessand with our marriageand it’s now or never
with everything.– If our situation
does not improve,
then our family
will be destroyed.