You need a lawyer who has experience in Las Vegas. I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I know the judges, I know the prosecutors, I’ve had Federal cases, State cases, every case, every issue come up that you can imagine. working with Ross, he’s very meticulous. He knows exactly what evidence he had introduced during the course of the trial and how he is going to introduce it. The best part about working with Ross is his military background He`s very pragmatic and spends a lot of time on superfluous details but very thorough. When a Judge sees an Attorney walk through the door in that courtroom, They have an impression almost immediately either the person they can trust or they`re glad to see. A Judge understands this pretty quickly. and when Ross would come in, it was always a pleasure to have him there and you could tell he cares about his client. If I had a legal problem I would be happy to go to Ross You have to work harder than a prosecutor works. A prosecutor`s going to have hundreds of cases at one time. If you`re dedicated and committed to doing the best that you can do for your clients. You`re going to find that one fact. You`re going to find that one piece of evidence that may make a difference between going to prison and getting the case resolved in a favorable way. When your liberty is at stake, when your job is on the line, when your life and your family is on the line You want a lawyer that has a big personality. You want a lawyer that can aggressively handle your case even if it means putting his face on the prosecutor`s face. You have to know the law You have to understand the law. I eat, breathe and live the law. We employ professional investigators that have thirty years with Metro. That have been with the Criminal Investigative Division of the IRS. Even including some former FBI agents. So we`re able to think the way that prosecutors think We`re able to attack the case as the same way that the police are attacking the case. The best part of my job is when I hear a not-guilty from a Judge or a Jury. The best part of my job after working hard is getting a prosecutor to say that we`re going to dismiss all their charges I`m very dedicated to every single case I have. Once you hire me you get me. I`m the one that picks up the phone and that goes sees the case. I`m the one that makes the court appearances. At the end of the day what I can guarantee you is that you will go to sleep at night knowing whatever can be done was done. I think the most important aspect that the case is this. Schedule a meeting. I’m confident that once you schedule a meeting with me and go over all the facts and discuss the different options and scenarios that you`re going to want to hire me to move forward with your case knowing, feeling confident that it`s going to be handled in the best way possible