Abuse. Neglect. Abandonment. These injustices happen daily worldwide. But the most extreme afflictions happen to those with disabilities. Cause 4 Life is on a mission to fight those injustices. Interns from around the world travel to remote locations to seek those in greatest need. They were on a journey to Love Heal, and Defend those with disabilities. Bringing the light of hope to those in dark places. This is their journey. So what happens in many families the areas where these children are kept behind they are locked up in the house somewhere, and in extreme cases even locked up with the animals.
You will realize that in Uganda, special education was taken up by government just about
twenty some years ago. There isn’t a lot of professionalism around. You learn from mistakes and all that kind of stuff. So this team has been very very very
timely in empowering our teachers. There are quite some organizations from different parts of the world that would bring in volunteers but the special thing about Joni and Friends is that it has — theirs are professionals. And they’re professionals that are within our area. I just decided I wanted to go out and do mission work. And I’ve worked with children with
disabilities for about three years now. I’m working at the Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped and we’re volunteers. Before coming here I was working on my senior thesis, which is creating a disability ministry resource for missionaries in developing nations. And
coming here has really taught me first of all how important that is, and it has
inspired me to continue. You can create all these ministries, and you can do
that, but then it’s also important to make them fun so that the people want to come, the kids
want to come, and the communities get excited about it rather than it being a drawn out fight to change the worldview. We just were just talking and hanging out and we taught them a little game. And they taught me signs in Ugandan sign language, and I was teaching them signs an American sign language. So Cause 4 Life is definitely you know, spreading the word about Jesus
and his love for the kids. They’re really learning about the Gospel and, you know that’s most important. I spent a lot
of time the vocational center with some of the older students. I didn’t even know what to say, you know, and I I think there’s so many things I see
here that, you know, I’m a special ed teacher or I teach this, teach that but really the only thing I feel like I can teach is God’s love and she needs to know she’s not a curse. She needs to know that she has value. Im Jeremiah 29:11 it says that you know, God has ordained a plan, and a future, and a hope for every single one of us and these kids are getting that here. I have been working in a class called P1-A which is the little babies, but
they’re six to eight years old, first time ever coming to school and they’re absolutely precious. I’ve also been teaching Vacation Bible School. I teach them Bible stories about Jesus everyday. It’s a lot of fun I sing worship songs with them and we have crafts and games for them to do and, you know I’m here supposed to be changing lives of other people, but I’m being changed in the process. I’ve always wanted to come to Africa primarily to serve but I’ve also always wanted to go on a safari and just see you know the animals that God’s created.