Hi I’m Abby and I’m here in Cancun,
Mexico…you might know Cancun, Mexico for its beautiful beaches or beautiful
resorts, but let me tell you something else you may not be aware of: Orphan’s
Promise is sponsoring a local ministry here on the ground who are helping
children and families become stronger. They spend Monday through Friday
feeding them, educating them and teaching them about the Word of God! Today I got
the opportunity to go and see one of these families…We got to meet the mom
and got to see how she’s been learning how to sew. We got to meet her children
who are so happy to be thriving and loving this place, this community center
here. What an opportunity to come stand alongside us as we want to reach
children and families to Christ. Thank you so much for all you do to help us
make possible what’s going on here in Cancun Mexico!