– There’s a verse in Hebrews 12 that says, “Everything that can be
shaken will be shaken, so that that which cannot
be shaken may remain.” And when I look at what’s
going on in our nation, I cannot think of a better verse to describe what we see
happening in our nation, specifically since our
President has been elected. There’s a shaking going on,
where things are being rattled in our nation, and we’re
getting to the core and the foundation of where we need to be. And I felt a call to get
involved in the political world. Border security is important. We certainly need to secure the border. I agree with President Trump
that we need to build a wall where it makes sense to build a wall. I know healthcare is
another important issue. The thing to do is for
the discussion not to be how many more people can
we get on health insurance, but how can we lower
the cost of healthcare. ‘Cause the idea is to provide access. And if we can look instead
at providing access, lowering the cost of healthcare, we’ll see more people have access. People will come before you, and they’ll talk about experience. I’ll tell you this. All my professional experience
is either in ministry or in the private sector. All my political experience
is at the grassroots. And I think that’s how it should be. When you’re in a Republican primary, every candidate is going
to say they’re pro life. Every candidate is going to say they’re for the Second Amendment. Every candidate is going to
say they support the military. But to me, one of the biggest
issues is sending people there who are going to -not only
come down on the right side of that divide between
Republicans and Democrats, but there’s an even more important divide that doesn’t get talked about, and that’s the divide between
Congress and the people. What makes America great
isn’t our government. What makes America great is our people. The glory of the American
Revolution wasn’t the fact that we had a new government. It’s that we had a free people so that could govern themselves.