It had a pretty
rough reputation.
I haven’t had the money
to change it up, do the marketing
that it needs to start over. Announcer:
Battling to keep
his business afloat,
Jon struggled dealing
with the stress.
I’d like to order a beer. – I don’t–
– Shot, shot, shot! Announcer:
And his constant flirting
with customers
causes tension
with the bartender
he’s hooking up with– Rita.Jon is an awesome man.
He’s got a big heart. You gotta keep your hands
off the ( bleep ) girls. But he can be
the biggest ( bleep ). Mike, is this girl
crazy or what? – And he won’t remember it.
– Nichols:When I’m here,I probably don’t do
the best job.
When they see me
cut loose on a Friday night, they like to join
in the party, too. Sometimes it feels like
I’m the only sober one
in the bar. Announcer:
Making matters worse,
the staff has been forced to
deal with subpar equipment.
One of the problems
we have here is inconsistency.We only have one POS system.
I only have one well.
My beer cooler is broken.We keep it at a constant
55 degrees,
so I have to give
my kegs ice baths.
This is just straight foam.
Straight foam. He’s such a great leader
with his military, but when it
comes to the bar, he just doesn’t know
what the hell he’s doing. Creeping up
on $300,000 in debt.I’ve got two or three months
till we close our doors.
I’m getting ready
to deploy again.If we don’t get
some kind of help soon,
or get a miracle
or a Hail Mary,
I’m gonna lose
everything I have. Announcer:
So in order to keep his
floundering business afloat
and salvage what’s left
of his life savings,
Jon has agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”This is not
parking a ( bleep ). I hate this place.