Gospel for Asia had works in 932 slums in 2018. My wife and I got to visit a slum in Asia recently. They don’t have money, they don’t have clothes, food. Their houses are just shacks. The streets are so narrow, the car could hardly get through them and there’s just people crammed in these little shacks. It made my heart feel sad. You know I’m protected in this car, but right outside there’s all this going on right outside the window. There was a time while we were in there where they were sharing prayer requests, and we were praying for them. And so for them to be able to open up and share these things that they need prayer for, and have faith that God is hearing those prayers, and they’re going to be answered, and their needs are going to be met. You could just sense that they weren’t so hopeless anymore. Thank you for supporting this work it’s worth it. People’s lives are being changed. They’re being given hope…for life.