grand palace is an investigative
journalist and also the author of this book billionaires and ballot bandits how
to steal an election in ninety izzy steps a greg also has a great article
which is also uh… of reference in the book the art of the name of the article
in the nation is uh… mitt romney’s bailout bonanza how he made millions
from the rescue of detroit greg we’ve heard from mit romney for so
long now that he actually didn’t want to try to go bankrupt at the
same time he wrote an op ed years ago titled what detroit go bankrupt that’d that’d incredible of
inconsistency aside it turns out he made up a lot of money
from what actually happened gato bailout talk about that yet and by the way the ronnie
campaigning for to us that he did take the money won’t say how much but since our range
was a hundred up to a hundred and fifty million that i said that’s the likely
number personally let’s repeat that mit romney
personal learned about a hundred and fifteen million allergist from the auto bailout and uh… out that the key seeing is not
so much that pa chrissy tell if you don’t though uh… if you haven’t been
watching american politics hypocrisy is you know is one of the key elements of american
society so i’m not worried about hypocrisy i
worry about what happened uh… the with the bailout rock police case uh… ballparks up with his partner principally all the vulture singer uses limited part uh… an assault also his major donor ke donor l artist economic advisers and uh… and
actually is a big part of his foreign policy operation because defense indore mitt romney’s foreign policy cheeks actually works for paul although vulture
singer derisive of alter the vultures a name that’s given to this died by his happy bday pics he’s a multi-billion air has made is
baker’s billions on various takedown s it’s called balter operations it’s
illegal in much of the world but not in the united states and so what met armenian is culture fund partners
did was buy up the auto division auto parts to the shin of general motors
used to be called delco it’s now called delphi the bought it out of bankers c for sixty seven second speci or how
they did that was an extraordinary flim-flam but they got it sixty-seven cents a share there the romney group told the u_s_ treasury in g_m_ diverse spoke with what divers are money or we and this is a quote there’s a
quote told to the u_s_ treasury g_m_ is a quote we keep will shut in gap the eight control the running the group controlled all the steering column steering wheels all g_m_ cars increase a car they were if there is no way that g_m_ could continue for a day without its its
auto parts especially steering columns uh… and it would cost there was just no way
to replaces the g_m_ would have been not just bankrupt it driven out of business liquidated gone so they got their money altogether was
twelve point nine billion dollars from the less treasury twelve point nine billion dollars so now the company bloated with your money in my own goes in twenty two cents out of i’m sixty-seven cents a share eighty dollars a share in selling it off that’s a three thousand to your percent
profit that and and here’s yeltsin frankly you know as marami said this is we
celebrate successfully means we celebrate make it a lot of money okay god bless america you know only in the car you know i’d
appreciate a humble billionaire turning into a humble billion at home you get into a
billionaire congratulations but that’s not the point they closed every single general orders parts plant that they controlled well one and sent every single u_a_w_ job ever be single unionized auto worker at g_m_ parts operations delco delphi every single one twenty five thousand
two hundred lost their jobs but they did create jobs does twenty
five thousand uh… production jobs were created in china right the one in some of it this but
we’ve got mit romney here who initially wrote an op ed thing but the great go
bankrupt now in retrospect after president
obama’s action in part was greatly respond wilfred saving general motors said he never said let the drawer go
bankrupt but simultaneously but you’ve uncovered
is that mitt romney was responsible not only uh… uh… not not only did he make
money from this a bailout which actually took place but in doing so he actually
did what he did it bain capital for so many years which was reduce the number of jobs in
the united states and send those jobs overseas and yet
another issue which president obama did call him on in the debates but for some
reason is not resonating with the american people the auto bailout
represents exactly what we’ve been saying about mit romney
for the last several years well this is much worse anything he ever
did it being capital bank apple girl scouts compared to you this vulture fund controlled by it but by a single divulge her partnered up with and uh… dancing to the vultures
activities remember outlaw the skies international outlaw m boasts of the world and in fact one of the reasons he’s
backing mit romney clearly and providing hit time the services of danson or is uh… policy this more positive answers at this point
is that excuse me president obama and secretary of state clinton in april
went into federal court to tell a judge to
put the ultra out of business uh… on his activities because one of
his big other big hit the side stealth is an attack upon the nation but
argentina he’s too many so much money from
argentina that argentina will implode argentina was once bankrupt worked out a deal with uh… the u_s_
treasury analyst the big banks in the dork and singers attack that the u_s_ treasury to attack the federal reserve you wanted
to gold bars from argentina on the federal reserve it by the iraqis
partners ok was remembered on his part is silent partner small ballpark but
theirs romney could make another hundred
billion by bringing argentina to its knees why hope it doesn’t have any time from
argentina and i don’t want argentina on its knees that would be thank you well let me tell you something uh… out you know the uh… and that’s one thing tonight bring out but
that’s not in the nation but it is in the book billionaires and
ballot beds is that this election is more about argentina than about detroit that story dot that’s the big fight in the inner asl finance today a group of doing air folger funds a hedge funds led by paul
sinker in his mind her small partner mit romney uh… ’em and um… verses j_p_ morgan city bank bank of america united bank us which
ones were behind on i’m a there behind obama because singer
is attacking argentina and them because they’ve they’ve been collecting money from
argentina ever talks about the argentine bailout but in fact these banks debate back their money and then some plea deal with the argent i’m government and now singer saying that i don’t know it’s all my right on time out mittens here william more reasons we absolutely
cannot allow for metromedia next president we’ve been speaking with greg
palace in the book which i have here billionaires and ballot bandits had a
steal an election in ninety three steps great comic senate by a friend te drawl
as well congratulations on the booking great
work is always great pleasure speaking with you the with the units on the tires
bestsellers like you want to say one thing i’m not against from the being
president as long as he wins by getting the votes not by burghley of
secondary goal of whatever that there is no ok background what would happen next
time x