now with another example of that runs
what what’s going on every side of the issues simultaneously while taking no
position at all taking all positions that were
successful but not the ones who was that didn’t work he never would have done
that way um… not now romney adviser had worked he would he
would’ve romney advisor eric fence terms said
that president obama’s decision the bail out chrysler and general motors was actually romney’s idea so i’d love it this is a brilliant this is
of course after mit romney said he wouldn’t have build out the auto
companies but before he said that what opa matt actually did the manage bankruptcy was what he would
have done from the beginning very convoluted louis very hard to explain
benson said his position on the bill that was exactly what president obama
followed i do it infuriates them to hear that the only economic success that
president obama has is because he followed mitt romney’s advice amazing amazing talent how is this not
being called out for other media what did the wrong it is a shame on after the economy is that everything that obon they did
that went well was what romney would have done anyway everything that they’re not work is something wrong they had absolutely
no idea no suggestion that should have at this approach position though it’s it something already and now i mean is it dangerous to to say at all
that obama had a success well the cities use admitting that what that would have if you break so
what what uh… let’s let’s backtrack mit romney
said in an op ed in november of two thousand eight let detroit go bankrupt now after president obama bailed out the auto industry save g_m_’s saved chrysler and brought
them back into positions of relative success mit romney said hey this is what i would
have done a long time and manage bankruptcy does is it if cherry picking its completely
disingenuous thing that mitt romney had the idea
first is unbelievable basically what we have here is this list romney said he
was against the auto bailout but ones that work it turns out that it was because of what he would
have done all along if it had failed obviously he wouldn’t
have been and while he didn’t think spending a lot of money in moving
resources to get the money made sense once it turned out of bombing did that
and it worked anyone who suggests mit romney would’ve
done anything else is obviously crazy even if you’re quoting him to make that
aren’t you it’s incredible its i think that this remember when john kerry flip-flopped
when he made a new one statement about finding the war in iraq all we’re where’s the conservative media
going completely apoplectic over mitt romney’s constant flip-flops you tell me where are they in the time you were were
either you you would think they would be outraged because this is john kerry times at bat was in and put into actually being a flip-flop
romney’s their only hope yene a maybe the obama administrations
just waiting for the right time to go on an explosion rate now maybe they assumed
that this guy is just self-destructive behavior for
the late nineteen eighty i would have been about obama what about the media
the media went nuts on on the the carry flip-flop ur successfully branding him
when people ask it was one word to describe john kerry flip-flop er was up there and it was
created by this football veterans and pushed out there by the conservative
media you would think if the answer if if media really identified flip-flop urs
no matter what did whether it’s an are adi after their
name that they would be crucifying mit romney here but we’re not saying that
all they don’t care no surprise liberal media though it’s a
liberal media revel media it’s an agenda yep i’d just think that overall unfortunately of all these
issues about romney’s of flip-flopping in the last twenty years isn’t in a matter of two in terms of
determining who wins this election i think unfortunately it’s gonna come down
to the economy what the state of the economy is and
just like in two thousand four i don’t think this with book a swift boat veterans had anything to do with carry losing they might have had a small
impact indianapolis that election was and how
successful they were branding carriers a flip-flop ur i don’t think we can say it had nothing
to do with kari was below i knew the election wasn’t that close it was close
to know how i’ll put though overall vote was about a three percentage point
difference ok a huge amount ella torrent of look at st results very little would
have sworn that election okay but what i’m saying is the much
bigger impact was that there was still greater than fifty percent approval of
the war in iraq and people attributed that so they were still with them on that six
months after the election the approval one below fifty percent of the war in
iraq and at that point if the election had
been that day i think ari will once i think these issues matter more i don’t think people care
about romney’s flip-flopping if people do care but i think it’s
didn’t it’s the media has to play a role here they have to let people know a lot
of people don’t know and at the same time ronnie has done so
much for talking how do you even start picking things out unless it’s on a roll
one-by-one basis as they come along if you were to take every flip-flop or
brownies never eulogized start somewhere it’s overwhelming