Money was worthless then. You couldn’t
get anything for money anymore so they traded for food. Bed linens,
whatever, even their gold wedding rings for food, yeah oh yeah
and this this one farmer he had a pile of potatoes there, and he says how much
can I get some of the potatoes? I’ll trade you. So the guys says, no, they’re mine.
and I want to keep them. So, he says what about a bit of grain so that I can
grind it up and make a loaf of bread for myself?
He says, I’ll trade you the dog for a bag of grain – small bag of grain. So, the
farmer says OK and he says and you tie up that dog by the pile of
potatoes so that he’ll protect them so nobody will come and steal your potatoes.
He’s a good watchdog. That’s a good idea, so that was a deal.
The next morning the farmer went to have a look out the window and he didn’t
believe what he was seeing. He got outside and the potatoes were gone and
so was the dog. The dog, the guy probably went over to the dog and said shhhh, so the
dog was very quiet – maybe the dog thought my owner is coming back to
rescue me and he didn’t leave me here after all. So no, that wasn’t a
very bright farmer.