I grew up in Wheaton Maryland graduated
from Our Lady of Good Counsel high school after high school I attended
Montgomery College but dropped out at 19 I started as a janitor at Magruder high
school I was there for two years and I wanted to move up in the county so I
applied for a maintenance position and heavy equipment which involved machinery
and and doing concrete work and things like that after that I decided I wanted
to move on from that and I went into the auto shop and I worked there for four
four years in the meantime I applied for the apprenticeship program two different
times and I wasn’t accepted the third time I finally finally was accepted I
was nervous because honestly I’ve haven’t done well in school my sophomore
year high school I was diagnosed with a DD and before that I was a CD student
occasional B after I was diagnosed I started getting doing better in school
but still didn’t enjoy it didn’t like the classroom so coming back to it I was
real nervous about it but I just told myself to buckle down and and get it
done in and it worked I’d love to thank my wife and kids who I think they’ve
sacrificed maybe more than what I’ve said well sacrificed my mom has always
been real supportive of my dad I like to thank my supervisors in Montgomery
County who mentored me through this program and the technicians who have
helped me along I like to thank the the Board of Trustees for giving me this
nice award in this honor I am originally from the Ivory Coast so catty noir I
came to the US and Montgomery College two years ago right after high school I
am NOT a native English speaker so I took ESL classes to learn more English
then I gained a lot of confidence I also gained a lot of confidence by hearing
and also being part of clubs and of the governance the student council coming to
emcee into the u.s. as an international student
very overwhelming at first because I was alone and I needed to learn more about
myself fortunately I have my sister and my uncle here they have been a great
resource my sister for five years she went to MC and now she she’s in my
content and my uncle also went to them C and now he’s a scientist since I was a
kid I’ve always wanted to be a neurosurgeon so I knew that I wanted to
go to med school and coming here I got great concealers who told me to start
with biological scientists after Montgomery College I am transferring to
a four-year school I also want to do a MD PhD and after being a neurosurgeon I
want to have a chain of hospitals around the world I would like to thank my
sister she is a great example to me and she has been very supportive and very
helpful in everything also my uncle please just adorable and always
supporting me my aunt and everyone everyone in my family has been so
supportive of me and my project and always guiding me I was born and raised
in Iran I came to USA in mid-2015 because in my
country I couldn’t achieve my goal and fulfill my dream so I decided to move
the United States leaving my family my parents and my hometown and coming here
it was very hard at the beginning of frustrating at first first one that is
star Montgomery College was my older uncle who came here 35 years ago
and then after that my uncle the other uncle and my aunt they both started
Montgomery College in 18 years ago and they all had a great experience here I
just followed their path and I came to unit 2 Montgomery College when I started
here they were very welcoming and friendly because my English was broken I
was it was very hard for me to communicate with people and when I start
my classes no one judge me that my language is bad all my classmates they
were very helpful they helped me to go through it together they push me more
event they were my classmates and also my English teacher as well so first I
have to thank my parents that they did that sacrifice for me to be here without
being with them and the more important thing I want to say thank you to m.i.t
and Ally they were my aunt and uncle who supported me throughout this journey and
I want to say thank you to my older uncle Russell who could support all of
us to be here because he was the first one coming here so I’m very appreciate
that their help and all their sacrifice that they need I really want to be in a
dental field and I am joining the University of Maryland Baltimore the
dental school for the dental hygiene program because I really like to educate
and tell people about the importance of oral health in other words I like to
give them I want to give the people the confidence to smile and give them the
brighter smiles when I entered MC it had been
approximately nine years since I graduated high school and three years
since I’d taken a college course and I really hadn’t found my stride until I
entered the community here at Montgomery College Montgomery College was
immediately welcoming I felt like I was part of a larger community
a Montgomery family if you will and that here was where I belonged
I always knew that I wanted a degree but my time at Montgomery College really
helped focus that desire into a degree in the biological sciences which I hope
to pursue towards a medical career where I could give back to the community so in
addition to studying at Montgomery College and working part-time I was also
training for the Marine Corps Marathon there were many times at which I thought
that I was ready to throw in the towel and fortunately with the support of my
family and my fiance Lauren I received the encouragement I needed to run those
26.2 miles and to become the first person with dwarfism to complete the
Marine Corps Marathon I’d like to thank my fiance Lauren she has stood by me
through this entire process and been a beacon of support I’d like to also thank
my fiance’s parents Susan and Wayne you both have been pillars of support on the
East Coast that I could not do without I’d also like to thank my parents who
can’t be here today but who have always believed in me
they have never faltered from being behind me 100% Montgomery College is a
place of new beginnings that here you are provided with the tools where you
can create your future and you’re not limited by where you came from