[music]>>Bobby Burnette: What you are about to see on this program is real. Hunger in Haiti is very real. The Bible says, “Whosoever shutteth his ears at the cry of the poor, he himself shall cry and not be heard.”>>Sherry Burnette: You know, Bobby, when I saw the video of this and heard the stories of what’s going on in this village, how they make these mud cookies and they send them, millions of ’em, all over Haiti because there’s that many children that are hungry. And you will be shocked. You will be glued to your television set. You will not be able to turn that channel when you watch what you see with your own eyes. You’re not going to believe it. It is going to impact you. It impacted me and Bobby. I’ve been living here for 23 years. It has impacted me and shocked me so much and I have vowed to do more than ever before for children all over Haiti, little girls, little boys, stories of children. You’re gonna see them and I pray today that your heart would be broken with the things that break the heart of God. [music]>>Bobby: You know, what the Haitians call tay. Us Americans call–especially Sherry calls mud cookies but this tay’s made out of mud and they actually put a little salt in it and a little bit of– just a tab of butter. And bake it in the sun. They go down deep into the earth, deep into the earth, to get this special rock. For several years, this has really been on Sherry’s heart, to find this area, and it’s been very secretive. We’ve been trying to find out and we could never get to the area where it was. Everybody was hesitant. But then the Lord opened some doors from two people who lives up in that area who we have been good to and have blessed the poor and people knew us and so we sent them up there and we sent two of the camera crew at “Love A Child” who’s really got a passion for the poor. Went in there to tape what’s really going on, that’s never been seen on television that I know of anywhere. Tie up your hat, people, so we can feed the hungry, so children won’t have to eat the earth, eat the tay. We just want you to see this today ’cause no one should have to eat tay or the mud cookie to stay alive. [music]>>Sherry: There’s a Creole proverb and it says, “The child who cries outside the door and the child who cries inside are the same.” Children are children, whether they’re children in Haiti, children in other parts of the world, children in the United States. No child should have to go to bed hungry and no child should have to go to bed thinking that eating dirt will kill the pains of hunger. [music]>>male announcer: Bobby andSherry Burnette need your helpimmediately to continuefeeding starving babiesand children in Haiti;$24 will provide648 meals for childrenwho have nothing to eat;$120 provides 3,240 meals;$1,000 provides 27,000 meals;and if the Lord hasblessed you or your business,you can sponsoran entire 40-foot containerof 270,000 mealsfor a gift of $10,000.Your monthly gift can bededucted automatically fromyour credit card, and yourgift is urgently needed now.These precious childrenare impoverished.Most have malnutrition.Many are abandoned.And all of them go to sleephungry each night.They are waiting to receivethis food but your giftis desperately needed now.Remember,$24 provides 648 meals;$120 provides 3,240 meals;$1,000 provides 27,000 meals;and your gift of $10,000provides 270,000 mealsfor these hungry children.Please go to loveachild.com,call the toll-free number,or write to the addresson your screen and say,“I want to help.”The Lord will bless youaccording to his Word inProverbs 28:27, which says,“He that giveth to the poorshall not lack.”In other words,God takes care of thosewho take care of the poor.On behalf of the starvingchildren in Haiti, thank youand may God richly bless you.>>Bobby: I tell you, we’re almost about to have a riot ’cause I tell you the truth, people in Haiti, the children are hungry and they love this food. There’s not no reason to be eating tay, mud cookies, out of mud, eating this stuff right here. Every one of these children, every child in this village, have been–had been eating this in the past. They eat it all over Haiti. Ask any Haitian that’s poor. Everybody will tell you. Our whole purpose: we’re trying to have you help so we can reach more children, more villages, so people, the children, won’t have to eat this tay, this mud cookie made out of earth, made out of mud. There’s no reason. But the more we can reach together to get the food to, not only hit and miss but on a consistent basis, this village right here, like other villages, where every month we’re consistent. We don’t miss. We just don’t come in, pick for television, don’t come back. No, we’re here every month. We do not miss among other villages. And we just by faith have signed a contract for eight containers a month–eight containers a month. We only have the money for two containers a month. Each container is $10,000, that’s $80,000 a month. We have money from two people, Joyce Meyer for $10,000, Pastor Jentezen Franklin for $10,000, God bless them. But we have six more containers–oh, that’s hot. That’s–we just need your help. For $10,000 a container. And what God lays upon your heart. They’re trying to come all sides. Oh, Madam–they’re desperate. It tears my heart out. [music]>>Bobby: No? He had no manger. No manger? A little manger? Okay. He’s saying he had–okay. Huh? No manger? He’s saying no manger. He had no manger. No manger? You know, I was just over with all the children, getting their food, and I had to get away and have some peace and quiet over here. I was over there. It was touching my heart. I’d asked some of the children, “Did you receive your manger?” That means food. “Your manger today? Did you receive your food today?” And they said, “No, no.” They was left out and so Sherry–we’re trying to find some food to give ’em now. But we fed a lot of children today but there’s a few left out and they–but, you know, about 3, I know, probably 4 months ago on television I told you a story but I just want to tell you again. I was under a tree and I was thinking about all the countries of the world where hungry children are and adults and I was thinking about Haiti and where Sherry and I now live for 23 years and how we face the pains of hunger. We see people hungry every day. Every day. Every day, comes to us. And all over these villages, children and adults eating tay, eating cookies made out of pure mud. Unbelievable. And I thought–I almost got frustrated. If I was God and had all power, I would make sure all the children and the people of the world would have a full stomach. They would never know the pain of hunger if I was God. And I thought, “God, why do you let this happen? Because you’re God, you can make sure every boy and girl has food and no one has to eat tay or eat mud to stay alive here in Haiti to full their stomachs so they won’t feel the pain of hunger.” But then the Spirit of God came on me, said, “Bobby, I want to use you and others. People, my people, are my hands, they are my feet. They are my mouthpiece. If everyone would do what I have told them and commissioned them to do, no one would be hungry in the world today. That just give me assurance. That’s why today you and I together, we fed these children, we’re feeding the other villages, and there are so many other villages waiting that we don’t have the money, we don’t have the money for the food, for the transportation to get it down here to Haiti and to pass it out. And others eating mud to stay alive. But you know, God wants to use our hands and our feet and our mouthpiece. We are his hands and his feet and his love has to shine through you and me. So Matthew 25:40 said, “Jesus said, ‘When you have done it to one of the least of these little ones, ye have done it unto me.’ Then the disciples said, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry? We’ve never seen you hungry.’ But Jesus said, ‘When you have done it to one of these– least of these little ones, ye have done it unto me.'” Matthew 25:40. Let God use you today. God bless you. [music]>>Sherry Burnette: When there’s no food, of course there’s no hope. Parents will do anything, go anywhere to feed their children. Listen to the cry of the poor today. Every one of us can do something.>>Bobby Burnette: Sherry and I can’t do everything, but we can do something. And with your help, we can make a difference. Your gift and your help will save lives here in Haiti. [music]>>Sherry: You know, when Bobby and I first moved to Haiti many years ago, we had large crusades, we preached in churches, and we promoted the gospel all the time. That’s all that we did for a long time, until one day, in one crusade, a lady held her baby way up above her head, and she screamed something in Creole. What she said to us that day changed our entire ministry. You won’t believe what she said. Read the book “Love Is Something You Do.”>>announcer: For your free copyof Bobby and Sherry Burnette’snew book,“Love Is Something You Do,”simply give your giftof any amountand request the book.Call the number on your screen,write to the address,or go to the websiteand give your gift now.Remember, to receive yourfree copy of Bobby and Sherry’snew book,“Love Is Something You Do,”simply give your giftof any amountand request the book.[music]>>Sherry: You know, for many years after living in Haiti I heard all the stories about where they make the mud cookies and how many of ’em. I seen mud cookies being sold in marketplaces and I’ve seen children eat them but never, ever have I seen anything like seeing a whole village of mud and people going down in the mud holes. And then when they brought me back this rock right here– I don’t think I’ll ever lose this rock. This rock came from the bottom of one of those pits where they make those mud cookies. They had to have this rock to crush it up to make that mud and water and then they add salt. This is the first beginning of a mud cookie. Let me ask you something. Would you let your child eat this? Would you let your grandchild eat this if they were hungry? Would you let your next-door neighbor eat anything like this if they were hungry? I know you wouldn’t. Haiti is our neighbors. These little children are hungry. You saw them grabbing for food and, when you see the stark reality of it, I mean, I just hope that you’re like me. I hope you can’t sleep at night when you think about these children.>>Sherry: You know, what struck me most about the villages where they make all this mud and the mud cookies and stuff, is the fact that this is handed down from generation to generation. So not only are the adults making mud cookies, but the little children, they’re covered with mud all day long. They get up in the morning, they sit there in the mud, and they make mud cookies. And guess what? They taste them and make sure they’re okay for their parents to sell to other children and other mothers and fathers. That’s all they know, is making mud cookies, eating mud cookies, eating dirt all day long. And it’s handed down from generation to generation. I am in shock, being a missionary, living in Haiti for 23 years. No child should ever go to bed eating mud because they’re hungry. There’s a Creole proverb and it says, “The child who cries outside the door and the child who cries inside are the same.” Children are children, whether they’re children in Haiti, children in other parts of the world, children in the United States. No child should have to go to bed hungry and no child should have to go to bed thinking that eating dirt will kill the pains of hunger. [music] [music] [Bobby speaking
foreign language]>>Sherry: They’re fighting formanger,she said.>>Bobby: She said was fighting formanger.You can see that on the video today. You know, this is–now they’re cleaning the pots from today. The food’s emptied and they’re cleaning the pots with sand–sab. They call it sab. Sand from the lake. From the lakeside, can you imagine? From the lake. Sherry, today, here we’re holding this tay. But you and I call them mud cookies, the Haitians call it tay. It’s sold all over Haiti in all the markets. And today in television, people are seeing where they make it in a certain area of Haiti. And it’s very hard to get into. We’ve been trying to get into the area for years and could not. And we’ve sent two of our crew up there.>>Sherry: And two evangelists too.>>Bobby: And two of the evangelists and we evangelize up there.>>Sherry: You know, when I saw the pictures and I heard the stories, I cried. I really did. I just have a hard time thinking about people in a whole village making thousands and thousands and thousands of these mud cookies for kids to eat all over Haiti. That means that that’s that many children that’s hungry, that’s eating this to fill the hunger in their stomach. Tay, a lot of children were raised on it. They eat it. It’s just like chalk. It has no nutritional value and, in fact, doctors have told us that children die from it because they can’t pass it out of their stomach. What will somebody do to fill the hunger pains in their stomach? It must be so bad here in Haiti to have entire villages, entire families, every child in their family, day and night, in mud holes making nothing but this tay and sending it all over Haiti. To me, living here in Haiti for 23 years, it just kills me. It–I can’t even find words to think about it. I have no words to say anything. I can’t explain it to you. What you see on TV is real. Hunger is very, very real. Bobby and I, we spend our life here, raising money for food. Every month, eight containers, $80,000 a month. And you know, we work day and night. We feel like we could never do enough. But I can tell you that these children, they just break my heart so much. They just break my heart so much. I love these children. You know, I come into the village like this, you know, they come and they grab our hands and they grab our feet. Sometimes we can feed them, sometimes we can’t. But I’m telling you that this is a real thing. We want to be able to feed these children and we want to be able to do it and do it in a good way.>>Bobby: You know, $24–$24, your gift of $24 will supply 648 meals. Hot nourishing meals like you seen earlier in the program. Not this mud to eat. For a gift of $48 we can supply 1,296 meals. For a gift of $500 you can supply 13,500 meals. The phone number’s on the screen. Please call. It will speed up the process. Put it on your credit card. Or you may want to decide, “I want to give a monthly amount automatically deducted from my credit card.” Or you may write the mailing address. Or you may go give online. Give online by your computer. But Sherry and I, we signed a contract for receive eight containers a month from Feed My Starving Children. They’re valued at $65,000 each container. And we have to pay for transportation so for $10,000 per container we can receive something worth $65,000 per container, 270,000 meals in one container. But we signed a contract for eight containers and we got two people–these containers cost us $10,000 each to get down here. We have 8 of ’em, $80,000. But Joyce Meyer, Hand of Hope, they supply $10,000 a month and they’ve been doing this for several years. Never miss a month. Pastor Jentezen Franklin, his Kingdom Connection partners, they supply a container every month of 270,000 meals. They never miss, been doing it for several years, a long time, 4, 5, 6 years. But we have six more containers but we don’t have the money for but every month, that’s our biggest load, that’s our biggest weight, is finding the money for containers. So what amount you give today, even the widow’s mite, you can make a difference to children here in Haiti to help prevent them from eating tay, eating mud, what we call mud cookies. Let God use you today ’cause this breaks our hearts.>>Bobby: Sherry and I want to give you a special gift, our new release book, “Love Is Something You Do.” This book is full of stories of children here in Haiti, stories of faith, stories of adventure, and even back from our life, beginning when Sherry and I was born up to present day. And of course, the first chapter is called The Rat Shack. I fasted and prayed 21 days just on water, but about the 13th day, I looked up at 1 o’clock in the morning, and I seen a vision. What did I see? You must request the book.>>announcer: For your free copy of Bobby and Sherry Burnette’s new book, “Love Is Something You Do,” simply give your gift of any amount and request the book. Call the number on your screen, write to the address, or go to the website and give your gift now. Remember, to receive your free copy of Bobby and Sherry’s new book, “Love Is Something You Do,” simply give your gift of any amount and request the book.