hey so today I’m gonna discuss our
November 2019 debt free journey update but enough for the month of November we
managed to eliminate two of our debts it was a USAA credit card at the
time we implemented our plan in September we had four thousand and six dollars
left on our credit card this credit card included expenses for my husband’s car
old school car that he’s fixing up and then it also included are moving
expenses and some of the household stuff that we needed when we first moved into
our house our other debt was state taxes and at the time we started in September
it was twelve hundred and seventy dollars and 73 cents that we still had owe on it
we accumulated this like I tell you guys my husband is truck driver and
the person he used to drive for I’m not going to say anything negative but it wasn’t
working out for us financially especially when it came time to for
taxes and state taxes and I’m just gonna leave it at that
that was when the reasons why we moved for him to get another job hopefully by
the end of 2020 going into 2021 he’s able to have his own personal truck so
I’m ready for that so for the whole month of November we managed to pay four
thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars and ninety four cents towards
our tech giving us a total of thirteen thousand four hundred and eighty eight
dollars in ninety eight cents that we have eliminated in three months so that
is very good another thing that I started doing
was in my previous video I said I wanted to track all of our expenses not just
our expenses with due dates I think November and December is gonna
be a tricky month because we’re spending more than what we normally would the other
months like for food and household goods for the month of November we spent
estimate ly 14 so I’m at fourteen hundred and thirty three dollars is
still wrong I we’ve paid a total of fourteen hundred
and thirty three dollars and 33 cents on food and household expenses but also
included in this cuz when we go girl grocery shopping or anything sometimes
we’re not just buying food we divide household stuff as well but we also had
to buy well we also buy food that we donated to different organizations for
Thanksgiving we bought birthday gifts I had to buy my daughter some more
clothes because she has winter stuff but she didn’t have a whole lot of winter
stuff it was getting really cold and we wanted
to buy her a separate winter clothes for school because they do a lot more stuff
and we wanted clothes that we didn’t mind that she messed them up but then we
still wanted her to have some nice decent looking clothes for when we went
out so I do have a separate separate category for clothes but we were in Walmart
and we went grocery shopping and we just went ahead and picked her up some school
clothes so yeah I’m gonna be tracking like I told you food and household
expenses I have car maintenance and gas I’m also
gonna be tracking our income because we don’t get direct deposit a lot a lot of
our stuff we get a check and we have to deposit ourselves I’m gonna have a close
category we also gonna have doctor bills and saving and investing so another
thing that was weird my husband truck broke down again you
guys are gonna be tired of me saying that so he was stuck in South Carolina
so we had separate expenses for that and then he also had work expenses as well
so he bought some tools for his truck that came up to like 125 so that and him
being stuck in South Carolina that was a total of like three hundred and sixty
three dollars and 98 cents that he had to pay for his expenses I’m
just gonna cut it short like that hopefully I become better organized the more that I go on this journey because it seems like I’ll be all over the place
but yeah that’s all that I have bye