Hi everybody I’m Melissa, i just wanted to
tell you a little bit about my story. I was born with eczema, I was born with a skin condition
that they called eczema. I was prescribed topical steroids from a very early age and
I used them into adulthood. Topical steroids were basically the only option back then.
It was what everybody had, what everybody used. The emphasis on diet and lifestyle were
not really a thing back then. I used them into adulthood. They did thin my skin a lot
as they said they would. They did stunt my growth as they said they would which is why
I’m really teeny right now. They were with me probably every day I used them. It became
increasingly worse, I had to use them more and more the older I got. Up until my early
20’s I saw many doctors, really just trying to push them for a solution, to push them
for answers and treatments and a cure basically. I was looking to be cured of this because
who wants to live with this condition their whole life? So I went to the doctors and I
would ask them “Hey Sir, what would you recommend for me. What can you do to help me with my
eczema because I’ve been using these steroids for so long? And they would say “Hmm what’s
that?”. “I said, what would you recommend I do to get rid of my eczema?”. “Ahh you’re
doing it. You’re using steroids, that’s just what you need to do”. “Yeah but didn’t you
say that I shouldn’t be using steroids for too long because they can damage my skin?”.
“Ah yep. That’s right. Just keep using the steroids, there’s no cure for you. You’ve
got this for life so congratulations”. “But you said that the steroids shouldn’t be used
for too long, aren’t they dangerous”? “Yes that’s right as well, yes you’re right on
both accounts”. “Ok, so what should I do? How am I meant to get rid of my eczema?”.
That’s essentially how the conversations would go, so I took it upon myself to basically
try to heal myself and in my early 20’s I went off the steroids completely. Cold turkey.
It affected my whole life. I suffered, I couldn’t sleep. I bled through the sheets every night.
It basically looked like I had eczema from top to bottom. Every aspect of my life suffered
and it was terrible, I did it for about a year and then after that I assumed that well
this is just my eczema, this is just how it is. I had no idea that it was Topical Steroid
Withdrawal and I had no idea that is the process you go through to get to health. I just thought
that is me so I’m condemned to use topical steroids for the rest of my life. A few years
ago I started seeing a Naturopath and she was wonderful. She helped me realized the
underlying cause of my eczema although I know it is genetic, but being genetic just means
you have to work a little bit smarter and be more savvy with your lifestyle. I was doing
all the wrong things; I was eating all the wrong foods, I was drinking all the wrong
drinks. My entire diet was essentially causing my eczema and she helped me deal with that,
however I was still on topical steroids. So she pushed me to get off of them and as scared
as I was I had a bit more knowledge and I was a bit more educated about what I was going
to experience and let me tell you, it was not pleasant! I went through Topical Steroid
Withdrawal and it was one of the hardest things, if not, the hardest thing I have ever done
in my entire life. Having said that, I don’t regret a moment of it because it has given
me my health back. I don’t have to use steroids anymore. I’m feeling great. Every week, every
day, every month I just feel better and better. I am regaining my life again and I’m realizing
what true health is. I wanted to make a website to help people with eczema and people going
through Topical Steroid Withdrawal. I want to provide you with all the products that
I used, all the methods and treatment types that I used which worked and also the ones
that didn’t work. Ones that worked for other people but don’t work for me. I just want
to basically provide every possible method of treatment that I can find and give it to
you. If you have any questions, you want me to talk about something, if you have a particular
treatment that you have tried that you haven’t seen on the website, please get in contact
with me and let me know because I would love to hear about it and pass it onto the world.
I really hope that the treatments that you find on my website are helpful to you and
I wish you happy healing.