– Holidays are my favorite. You guys are my favorite. And this episode is all
about my favorite things. Now, I don’t have a British accent, but I will be channeling
my inner Julie Andrews for the whole show. (lighthearted upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s December, and it’s cold, which is not one of my favorite things. But in this episode,
we’re going to talk about some of the things that
are my favorite things. This time of year is a
great time to look back and think about all that we are
grateful for from last year. For me, one of the big things is I welcomed a little baby boy. Yes, who is currently,
right now, still in my belly, because I filmed this
before maternity leave. But when you look back, it’s like, yeah, there are some big life changes
that happened this year, but there’s also the little things that have just made daily life better— that have become some
of my favorite things. (happy piano music) Here are 10 things from
this year that I have loved. Number one: podcasts. Yes, I love podcasts. There are so many great ones, but I think my all-time favorite (super interesting) is Gangster Capitalism. It was all about the
college admission scandal that happened. Oh my gosh. They have transcripts. They have the whole thing. It is so fascinating. It’s so good. So, go listen to that. Number two has been organizing. Yes, I have been falling
in love with bins and putting things places. It’s probably the nesting
part of me coming out. But The Home Edit—if you
don’t follow them on Instagram, they’re wonderful. And
they actually came out with a book all about organizing. And it’s beautiful.
The pictures in it— it just makes life seem doable. When you see the pictures, you’re like, I can do this
life, all because of organizing. Number three: (some of you
are going to think I’m crazy, but I’m not, I swear) Dermaplaning. Yes, this is technique you do, ladies. I guess guys could do
this too if you wanted. But it’s this little tool
you can just get on Amazon. And you go . . . and it scrapes
the top layer of your face. It sounds crazy. But y’all, number one, your skin is the smoothest it’s ever been. It’s clean, and when you put your makeup and all your other stuff on your face, it all absorbs in so much deeper. It’s so great. So, I totally have like fell
in love with dermaplaning. And on top of that, pure
vitamin C on your face. It is so good. It just gives you like this nice glow. Use it in your face wash. It changed my life. Number four: the Enneagram. Love, love, love. We did an episode about this, you guys, but it is fascinating. Okay, I’ve done every
type of personality test you can imagine, but this has
layers, beyond layers, beyond layers to it. And it is so true. The nine numbers—it’s insane. Google it. E-N-N-E-A-G-R-A-M. A lot of people are
like, what word is that? Enneagram. Amazing. Number five: nonalcoholic beer. That’s right, bring me some O’Douls. Yes, I was pregnant over
the summer, you guys. And let’s just be honest:
On a nice summer night, maybe I wanted to pop a cold one. And well, being pregnant, I couldn’t. So, I discovered nonalcoholic beer, and it actually tasted fine. So, that was one of my
drinks of choice this summer. Number six, this year I
discovered the Chick-fil-A app. Oh, it changed my life. Not only can you order from your phone, and does it remember your
order from the previous orders. But you go to your table
with all your screaming kids, you sit down, you punch in your
table number and your order, and they bring the food
right to your table. And you go ahead and put in
your debit card information in the app, so it’s paid for.
It all happens at once. And you can even go and load some money on the Chick-fil-A app, so
when you’re driving through, you just have to scan it,
you get your points, it’s paid for, everything right
there. It’s amazing. And it even has a map function.
So when you’re on a road trip— yep, you’re driving down the
road—you can pull it up, and it pops up where the
Chick-fil-As are on your road trip. It’s so good, so great! Chick-fil-A, we love you. Except I hate you on Sundays,
because you’re not open. Number seven have been my Able sandals. Okay, I got these this summer. I don’t know if it was pregnancy or what, but how cute are these! And I love Able. They have incredible products. I have some purses. I have
a jean jacket from them. But these sandals have been my favorite. Like, I can’t wear them now because it’s like freezing outside, but I lived in them this summer. They are wonderful. Number eight, you know I’m not going to do a favorite thing’s episode
without talking about the final rose. Will you accept this rose? Yes, the Bachelor and Bachelorette. In Hannah B’s season—this past season— it was the best season in a long time because everything was like a hot mess. It was so good. When her and Luke P. broke up— oh, best 10 minutes of television I’ve seen in a really long time. I mean, it was so good. So, yes, give me The Bachelor.
Give me The Bachelorette. Give me Bachelor in Paradise.
Give me the whole thing. I love it, and so does Winston. It’s like the one hobby we have together, that we like to watch
that TV show with friends. It’s so good. Number nine, the fact that Disney is taking their cartoon movies and making them into
real live people movies. So good. So, this year, a bunch of them came out, but Aladdin was great . . . Lion King. I just loved seeing all
the classics come to life. It’s just wonderful. It loses a little bit of the magic when it’s not cartoon people, but that’s another episode. Number 10, my last favorite
thing for the year, which is true, is EveryDollar— the EveryDollar app. Man, Winston and I had
so many life transitions, from moving and baby. We had so many things going on, and EveryDollar was like
the consistency in our life of keeping control of everything. Seriously, it saved us. I’m obsessed with
EveryDollar. I really am. When we were making
this list with my team, I even texted Winston. I was like, “Okay, Winston,
what are some like . . . Give me three things that I love, so that I’m not
forgetting an obvious thing.” And he literally texted back,
“You love O’Douls, coffee, and EveryDollar.”
(laughs) I was like, yeah, that sounds
like a pretty good life. Yep, that is. So, it’s so great—a
lot of favorite things. There’s a lot of things out there. So, I’m out on maternity
leave, as I said, but I have my favorite things
email that I will send out. So, if you want to keep up
with all my favorite things on a monthly basis, make sure
to sign up for those emails in the show notes. Okay, I wanted to go
into my Facebook group, and I wanted to know your favorite things. So, here’s a couple of things
that you guys recommended, and I loved these ideas because they save you some serious money. Wayne and Kelly on Facebook said, “Cookie butter! Trader Joe’s is the best, but the Walmart brand is
just as good. $2.” I’ve never had cookie butter,
but I hear it’s wonderful. Robin said, “The Instapot!” Yes. “Helping me save money
by cooking at home.” Myr said, “ImPRESS Manicure,”
at Walmart. $5. This was fascinating to me. I had never heard of this.
I mean, I did like stick-on nails back in the day, but
this is like a whole new wave and apparently they’re amazing. So, I love that. Check it out. Alison said, “Walmart’s Equate brand.” So, it’s basically like cheaper
vesions of Aveeno and Cerave and Cetaphil at a
fraction of the price. So, there’s all
these amazing products, but super inexpensive, which I love. Cindy said, “Dollar Store’s
LA’s Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner.” So, basically, it’s
like OxiClean, I think. But it’s a dollar at the Dollar Tree. So, totally awesome. Why not? I’ll try it out. All right, so, I want to
know if you’ve tried some of these things, and again,
what your favorite things are. Yes, you. So, let me know below what your favorite things are. Because there may be something
special for one of you. Because one of my other
favorite things is surprises. Okay, coming up next, I know
how much you guys love food. It comes up all the time,
and I know we’re all trying to save money in this category. So, Kate from Woman’s Day came on the show to show us the best bang
for your buck ingredients. (upbeat music) We love finding new ways to save money. We lower categories in our
budget, buy things on sale, and even use coupons. But we often forget about
the biggest expense we have, and I’m talking about your mortgage. If you have been in your home for awhile, there may be options available
that could save you money— not just pocket change, but real money. The best way to get started
and see what options you have is by the Churchill Checkup
by Churchill Mortgage. A quick call with an
expert home loan specialist can help you figure
out what’s best for you and discover incredible opportunities to save time and money. To get your Churchill Checkup, go to
churchillmortgage.com/churchill-checkup. (upbeat music) Hey guys, I am here at
Woman’s Day’s headquarters in New York with Kate Merker, who is the food director at Woman’s Day. And we’re going to be making some
delicious food, aren’t we? – Yes, we’re going to make
some delicious food with some budget-friendly ingredients. – Budget-friendly ingredients. They know our hearts around budget. So, we’re so excited
because this looks so good, and it already smells delicious. – I’m glad. I’m glad. So, first budget friendly
ingredient is this guy. – [Both] Potato. – [Rachel] Yes. – I happen to have a russet potato, and its average is somewhere
between 69 cents a pound and 99 cents a pound. – Okay. Just a great place to
like get some money guys. You can really save some money
by buying those potatoes. – Also, it’s incredibly
filling and delicious. – We’re going to be making some tacos and a breakfast pizza here today. – At home, I also use
some Yukon Gold potatoes, some sweet potatoes, really any potato that you have on hand. – And potatoes in a taco
is good for a filler, so you can use less meat, which
we’re about to talk about. – You got it— – But it’s just that
it’s a really inexpensive filler, and they’re delicious. I mean, who doesn’t love a potato. This pregnant girl loves some potatoes— – Well, this is good because
this is your meat and potato kind of a day. – That’s right. That’s right. – I have about a
tablespoon of oil in there— maybe a tablespoon and a half. I’m on medium-high heat, covered. And we’re going to sort of cook this, probably about seven to eight minutes, tossing it occasionally. You can kind of lift it. Check it out. Give it a toss. – Which is so good because, okay— I’m not like the most professional cooker, everyone watching that’s
watched the show knows this— so potatoes, I always
think it’s something like . . . Okay, it takes a long
time for a baked potato— it takes a long time. But chopping it up, you can literally— – This is it. – Make it, yeah, in like seven minutes. – Seven minutes.
– Which is so good, okay. – So in about seven minutes, this is going to be both
golden brown and tender. I’ll probably—
– It’s so good. – Have stirred it a couple times. What I’m going to do is, I’m going to take them and kind of transfer them
to this bowl right here while we cook our
onion and our sausage. While we’re cooking up this chorizo, I’m going to have you make a slaw. – Okay. I can do that. – So, we’re going to start by
squeezing those half limes. You need about two
tablespoons for the slaw, and that’s going to kind of
soften everything up. – [Rachel] So good— – [Kate] You’re going to add your red onion. And what we did is we had three quarters of the red onion chopped in here, and the other quarter— – So a full red onion for the whole meal— – Yep, so it’s kind of double—
we like to do double duties. – [Rachel] Yes, it’s great. So red onion in there. – [Kate] Yep, then we’re
going to throw some cabbage in. – Cabbage, okay. So purple cabbage, red cabbage versus— – Red cabbage, it could be green cabbage, it could be Napa cabbage. Green cabbage happens to be less expensive than purple cabbage, probably
about 20 cents a pound. I’m going to have you throw a
little bit of salt into there, and a little bit of pepper. So, we have tortillas. – [Rachel] Okay. – Corn tortillas, much less
expensive than flour tortillas, which is what we have here. You can get a pack of say 30 of these for around two bucks or less. – Wow, yeah. – [Kate] We are going to scoop in some of our sausage filling.
– Yes, do it. – [Kate] So this is a lot. I could probably serve four or five. – [Rachel] Well, and if you have leftovers . . . I mean, this is a great leftover meal. Stick it in the fridge. – And then we also have some cilantro and some sour cream. Just scoot that around for you. – [Rachel] Beautiful. – And I will tell you, we’re looking at
maybe around $2.19 per serving, maybe less depending
on where you are from— – It’s so budget friendly. – Yeah.
– So good. Okay, up next, we’re
cooking something else. – Yes.
– What else are we doing? – We are going to make a pizza. We’re calling it a breakfast pizza, but really it could . . . – I mean, pizza all day, every day. Love it. All right, Kate. Next up, we have pizza, which is like my love language. I love pizza, but this is breakfast pizza. – This is, I mean it’s breakfast
just because there are eggs. So, we could have it in the morning. – Okay.
– But really, I would have it for lunch, for dinner . . . – Love it.
– Pizza any time. – Perfect. – So, we are just going to get cracking. So, I have some dough
that I’ve already shaped. And pizza dough typically,
just so everybody knows, it runs about 99 cents to maybe $1.59. If you have room in your freezer,
hit Sam’s Club or Costco. You can get 20 of them and it’s even less. – So good. – Basically, I have some
flour on the surface. This is just refrigerated pizza dough. I kind of work around like this. I’m going to chuck it on my peel. Here I have some Dijon mustard. – Interesting. Okay. – So, typically what I do is I’ll throw it on the back of the spoon. We’ll just get a couple swipes. So, I’m going to ask you to
do that a couple times. It’s the kind of thing
where you don’t know why it’s so good. This
is one of the reasons. – [Rachel] It’s the secret ingredient. – [Kate] So a super thin layer – [Rachel] Beautiful. – So, we are going to throw some spinach on. I have this spinach.
It’s baby spinach. I kept this huge clam shell out here, because the moment you go,
you jump from a five ounce which is typically what
you’d use for a salad for, say, four people, to an 11 ounce. You’re saving at least $2–3 for five ounces. – Wow, so go ahead and do it. And it’s good in smoothies
and all the things. – Exactly. I was going to say
smoothies, scrambled eggs, pizza, pasta . . .
– Yes, you’ll always use it. – And salads, of course.
– Good, so good. – So, I’m going to have you actually just put some bunches around— – [Rachel] And how much do you do? – Probably about two to three cups. We’ll tuck some ham around there. – Beautiful. – [Kate] I also have some red onions. And the red onions that I
have, I sliced into rounds and my hope is that those rounds will actually create a
nest for our eggs to go in. – So we’re going to—
– Oh, smart. – Separate the rings.
– [Rachel] Okay. I’ve got to make sure my rings are good. – And then I think while I do the eggs, I’m going to ask you to
grate a little cheese. – Okay, perfect. – What I’ve bought—
– What is this? – Is some extra sharp cheddar cheese. I used extra sharp cheddar because it’s incredibly flavorful, which means a little goes a long way. So, I’ve got my . . . I’ve cracked
them into individual bowls just in case something
is off with the egg, I don’t have it ruin my pizza. – [Rachel] So smart, yes. – [Kate] Eggs are anywhere from 99 cents for a dozen of large eggs to say $1.59. So, an incredibly inexpensive protein. – [Rachel] Yes. – You’ve got a slightly runny ring, and then I’m going to have you just sprinkle that cheese on top. – Oh, beautiful. How’s that cheese? – Looks great.
– Am I good? – I’m going to do a little
bit of pepper on there. So, I’m going to move this again.
If I had a cookie sheet, I’d be doing the same thing. – Okay. Beautiful. – And then, again because— – Of the magic of where we are— – The magic of the video.
– In the test kitchen. – [Kate] This looks absolutely incredible. – [Rachel] So good. – It’s been in here. Really, we set a timer for eight minutes. So we went a little over. – Look at that. Smells so good. – [Kate] So, I’m going to cut this. I’m really interested to know about . . . It’s hot.
– It is hot. – About our secret ingredient. – Is it ham?
– Yeah. – Oh, it’s hot. – Yeah, it’s hot. – Oh, wow. Guys, that’s so good. – This doesn’t just have to be breakfast. – So good. Like, this is lunch to me. – I mean, we are under $2.00
a serving for this guy. – That’s amazing. Oh my gosh, so good. It’s so, so good. – I’m glad.
– Thank you, seriously. – Thanks for being here—
– You’re a pro. And all new recipes, you guys. It’s like, again, I love when it’s ingredients that you don’t think could go together, and they go together
and it tastes so good. So, get all of these recipes. Make sure to click the
link in the show notes. – Mustard. How’s the mustard? – Oh, guys, can’t even. I can’t even. (happy upbeat music) – Okay, guys. That’s it. This episode was really fun. It’s so easy to get caught
up in the day-to-day things, and forget just to stop and look for the little things in
life that bring you joy. So, thanks to Woman’s Day for their affordable food product tips, and for you guys for tuning in. Now if you’ve not subscribed to my podcast or my YouTube channel,
make sure to do that. And as always, make sure to
take control of your money and create a life you love. (happy upbeat music)