I filed bankruptcy and my trustee is really
mean. Can I get rid of him and get a new trustee? My name is Ron Dresscher, I’m an attorney
filing bankruptcy and creditor’s rights in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia
and the sad truth is unless the trustee is engaging in fraud or really gross misconduct
you can’t get rid of your trustee. You’re stuck with him during the life of your
bankruptcy. Trustees can feel mean, they’ve been through
thousands and thousands of bankruptcy cases. Many of the debtors have lied to them. They go into a situation, not having the slightest
idea of what’s really going on except for what the debtors have written in their schedules
under penalty of perjury and then can seem gruff, insensitive and mean to you during
what is really a very difficult time in your lives, but you can’t get rid of a trustee. You can’t pick and choose and their assigned
randomly, so whatever a lawyer might say, you can’t game the system to get a better
trustee. You’re going to get the trustee that you going
to get, and going to have to make the most of your case and for the most part it’s going
to turn out okay. My name is Ron Drescher, I’m an attorney practicing
bankruptcy and creditor’s right, and if you’re a little nervous about how the trustee’s going
to deal with your bankruptcy case, please pick up the phone and call me. I would love to hear from you.