Dashing through these hoes, a pimp wanna get
paid Over the hills we go. Natalac on the way
I hear registers ring when Johns pull out their thing
And when they skeet on motel sheets another Johns on the way! Jingle Bells. Coochie sells. You already know
Ain’t nothing like a happy pimp and a hard working hoe. Hey! Trustee-Bitch get yo hands out my hair! Outro-Natalac
Natalac-O shit! Man got da… man put the..man get yo hands
off my chick nigga Yall ain’t finna get no more of these bings? I, man ahhh, (scream-Trustee)(adlib-what the
fuc…what the hell!) Man you messed up my suit nigga!(adlib-BITCH!) Would you put that back? Aye security where yall at man? Yall ain’t doing yall damn job!
(adlib-Where security? Get yo)Get ya hands off my clothes nigga! Aye! God damn it! Y’all can’t enjoy Christmas for shit!