now this year’s NATO summit has wrapped
up just outside London it got quite testy between the leaders at times but
the general consensus is that the summit was fairly successful in the end for
more on this and other news around the world let’s go over to our young men now
Chun min it was the 70th anniversary of a NATO summit what do the new leaders
agree upon at the completion of the summit sure conn-young NATO leaders
somewhat dismissed concerns over a possible fracture in their alliance by
reaffirming their strong bond against the rise of Russia and China in a
statement issued after Wednesday’s summit outside London NATO says Russia’s
Cote aggressive actions were a threat to euro-atlantic security it has also
described China’s growing influence as a challenge for the Alliance the leaders
that their bond is stronger than ever adding an attack against one is regarded
as an attack against them all there have been some concerns over a crack in the
Alliance as US President Donald Trump continues to pressure NATO allies to pay
more for their membership to the alliance this is German is Chancellor
Angela Merkel on Wednesday we have once again made it clear that NATO is and
remains the cornerstone of our defense but that we have a European pillar
within this defense alliance and it may well be that this European pillar the
leaders also touched upon the need for communication security considering the
rise of 5g technology specifically targeting Chinese top tech giant Huawei
the US has been urging Europe to avoid using hallways products insisting
Beijing could spy on them using the devices