new york bankruptcy attorney this is a question i hear it every day being a bankruptcy attorney you would
think that i would tell everyone that new york bankruptcy attorney comes into my office that they should
file bankruptcy but that is not the case if bankruptcy is not appropriate they
think was much harm for example have seen people get bad
advice and told the fall-back ptc when they shouldn’t resulting in having their
home and all cars sold by the bankruptcy trustee i’ve also personally seen the relief thousands of my bankruptcy class have
gotten over the past twenty five years by eliminating it that’s been getting a
fresh financial stocks the life when determining whether a person should
file bankruptcy among the questions i asked on the
following what is your household income what is your household saw how much do you hope you know what you
owe four new york bankruptcy attorney if you own your home if so how much
equity is there do you own any other properly do you
have any other assets are you being sued for any reason the decision to file bankruptcy show
only be made at the consulting within experience bankruptcy attorney in a
state that you reside ideally the attorney should also be
experience and other areas award such as real estate family lore an
immigration if those issues are relevant to your case bankruptcy when used correctly gives you a chance to a financial fresh
start in life and peace of mind my name is jeffrey pelts if you want to
know bankruptcy is right for you call to schedule a free consultation new york bankruptcy attorney