newt gingrich uh… all the sudden
change everything up in fact according to a mcclatchy maris poll that newt gingrich now uh… in ten
years of physical time with brocco bomb uh… forty seven forty five obama still
leading just by a tiny bit uh… but newt gingrich’s hottest
relevance of the polls he’s either first or second among the republicans so now of course scrutiny has drawn to
newt gingrich now but we know a lot of a change in the past their crazy to freeze
bills offers why uh… built leaving one of his wind so watch it cancer and
serving your papers are as because she’s in the hospital all that stuff right now
we’ll get back to that as well but then today we have a new known newt gingrich scandal uh… well it turns out that he had
consulted freddie mac and fannie mae now it seems a little curious is that on the campaign trail
he’s constantly criticizing freddiemac infringement bank
he said politicians who dealt with them should be arrested you don’t know how much newt gingrich
made four his dealings with freddie mac if any meant one point six for one point eight neil yen-dollar project that you are freddie mac if an
email the ones that guy guarantee a lot of our home mortgages and their this weird public-private mix so that the because basically they
privatizing gains they’ve been like newt gingrich and then they make sure that all the
losses are public on the taxpayers outrageous in fact that’s exactly what they hired
newt gingrich to push forward linski simu more details on how much
they pay yet to sever contracts one ran from
nineteen ninety nine two thousand two though just five months after heat left being speaker of the house so dick incredible informal washington immediately gets tired afterwards how
much they can they’ve made a monthly retainer of twenty five to thirty
thousand dollars mav palmolive okay that was enough so they went back
and rehired him at several years later and that i’d be in the retainer of six hundred thousand dollars so they asked newt gingrich well though sounds like you’re lobbying these guys
that you’ve been criticizing them the flooding not lobbying here is that what missus clinton no
money no of any kind and i’m one for strategic vice and
that’s all i do although i see a lot mad dog ivo you’re
lobbying for the use of richard leigh anne rice for whether this will bring specificity
julie’s bush would say pakad that a new way they are all i think you
know this will make it all of that well here’s one quiz as well
enough that our dear metheny you know why they
use the other they use you for all your contacts of callers and in fact of there don’t really mince their words on that
the report in bloomberg news and then eventually robin imposed as well the freddiemac officials told bloomberg
again which was a pass to build bridges with capital the republicans and helps all the morris companies
public-private structure the conservatives that’s what they hired a
four so build bridges meaning hey you know
what establish relationships well enough so that we can lobby those republicans and furthermore we need you to uh… did to appoint what everybody’s in
on this public private sphere where they privatize the games and make all the losses public so newt gingrich who has been saying that’s
terrible idea of course behind the scenes turns out was helping psalms republican
bodies on just a bad idea it doesn’t fit anymore hypocritical in that now he’s
getting a wash on hand he’s programs a fairly shortly uh… in there country for republicans so hand he’s gonna try to let him your
uh… and response anyway that he likes in frame it in any way he could uh… what services now they’re going to
be prompt warmth even so watch is newt gingrich’s smile
changes to agreements and though the question phil one last question add that i want
to get explain the three hundred thousand dollars he said he got you said
you gave to of freddie mac but they did not take
your advice to you were not a lobbyist for them now i have never been a lot of the
senate where the impact my contracts exclude me from lobbying i refuse to go
back to gather those a lobbyist are for strategic advice i wish the people tell
me what their concerns are and i try to get an advice on how to solve it all five c l_ just in case you did you
get right i just i’m sure that that’s exactly what went
down uh… and i love that and three hundred thousand dollars as a
result that’s not true is one points is the one point eight million dollars every part of the new gingrich’s story
isn’t true about one more click here for a man and you gave advice to fit the freddie
mac and they did not take it that that’s correct and then a but about who i said there’s
a confidentiality agreement there that i can go into detail with but i know i
never did any lobbying for anyone in the years i was out of office dodd’s office
okay suffering it remains there one he says
technically i didn’t do any lobbying so i must be innocent uh… sandoval uh… i didn’t love to tell you more
about this but college you will occurs is that
confidentiality remain an anxious to get a table my friend and you know when i’ll
tell you what you’re writing your framing sean hiked all these guys not to do those
things what makes it out in dedham anyway because of the taxpayers so much money uh… that’s not what the insiders that are to
bloomberg news a in fact here’s a quote from bloomberg
news none that of the former freddiemac officials who spoke to bloomberg said gingrich arrays issue of the
housing bubble or was critical of freddie mac’s business model so behind the scenes like all your
business model rocks yelled chorus and in fact he told them hey you don’t
want but there’s a good way to get more homeownership to minorities and even i don’t have as
much money that’s exists actually what he
criticizes the democrats for rotate the in doesn’t get any worse than this and then he tries a second time for a new excuse
at he says out in the post called i’ve personally think that there
are circumstances where government sponsored enterprises are legitimate you go back a look at the transit
transcontinental railroad billeted aurora lecture costs there are a lot of ways to organize
activity in this country so now the second approaches what government in programs haitian when freddie mac and then in a more pain
and government programs now that i got busted i’ve i’ve got a
disclosure agreement problem and i don’t know the knew that i you known even though none of them say
that but a lack of israeli arabs are ideas area rather all part of our right now we’re doing but here comes the killer quote this is what uh… newt gingrich had
said about democrats and politicians overall who are dealing with freddie mac and
freddie mac welling chris dodd’s case go back and
look at the country’s ideals inviting friends his go back a little
obviously was close to add freddiemac all i’m saying is that everybody in the
media who wants to go out of the business community ought to start to go up to the
politicians who had been at the heart of this sickness which is weakening this country then the politicians that have been at that’s core of this sickness in the country which is those politicians get paid to
do whatever these guys want so they can make more classic is a republic rejection we
thought about that in that case he was referring to how barney frank should be arrested in reality thought about himself because get-up load of newt gingrich
understand that he knows and i like he doesn’t know they can go over one and a
half million dollars from freddie mac and freddie mac you’ll find that nobody knows and as
he’s talking about that he said well barney frank should be arrested for
dealing with freddie mac casinos have guilty he is and he’s projecting onto barney frank uh… and tell you man in their other of what was there were no
other awards for the award of hypocrisy newt gingrich stands at the very top