rev up your engine since I’m always warning people not to buy Nissans, Nissan is closing their US operations for two days
in January to save money hey I got an even better idea
to save everyone else money close it forever and then people won’t have to
buy those things let’s throw their money fixing them as they break now this
affects all workers and they’re not getting paid for their time off either I
guess that’s how Nissan saving money they’re gonna be closed January 2nd and
3rd well I guess if you’re one of their workers you could say oh great I got an
extended holiday yeah January 1st most people go back to work on a second well
they’re gonna get the second and a third off too but they’re not getting paid so
it really isn’t that much of a vacation for them
this affects 14,500 of their employees here in the United States
Nissan sales were 15% down in November and 33% down for infinity same company
just another name so all your people out there have been listening to Scotty all
the years and telling you stay away from Nissan vehicles unfortunately there’s
workers that get involved here and lose their job but that’s what happens when companies don’t build good products I don’t say go out buy a car just because somebody’s
got a job you get stuck with a crappy job and your money gets thrown down the
toilet hey you don’t want to support poor
companies you want to support the companies that build stuff that lasts
otherwise let’s face it a lot of stuff in our societies is cheap crap already
and if people keep supporting that cheap crap it’s only gonna get cheaper crap
here maybe you’ll buy a car and it’ll last
like a balloon for a few weeks and then it’ll deflate itself so too bad I say
don’t buy crappy products here’s something that comes as no surprise but
hey you remember the Ford Focus yes does had those flawed dual clutch
transmissions I had some customers with them and yes they were junk well now the
truth is out all kinds of people knew they were flawed from the people building
them in the the factory and the people who designed them it was a known item hey you can’t make that many cars and keep it quiet people know what’s going on
general if you got two people you can’t keep a secret well
as a lot more than two people involved in this one this covers more than 2
million cars that were sold over a decade of time so more than 10 years
2 million cars you’re not gonna be able to keep this a secret people who were
involved in making them said it was cheap to manufacture and easy to assemble but
since it was a dry clutch design it didn’t cool itself right it led to
overheating problems and they self-destructive it’s leading to 3
billion dollars in recall expenses plus all the legal expenses you got penalized
for this stuff lawsuits that are still going on that are pending so could even
get a lot higher engineers and others talk to the Detroit Free Press and they
said it was just a spiral out of control thing they were worried that they were
gonna lose their jobs if they told people about it it hits the fan well it
hit the fan now and it’s all over the place
it wouldn’t be as big of a mess if they would own up to it in the first place a
lot of for customers had problems they were told oh well now you know it’s not
they all that bad way I saw that was on my customers they took them in and they said they act that way and I told me either they act that way but they’re not
supposed to act that way this transmission shutters and they shift weird and
one design flaws they’ll shift into neutral it’s part of the programming and
they keep it from burning out you’ll be driving around they just shifted a
neutron you’d lose power I mean this isn’t something you want the
transmission and they knew was happening just like GM knew that they had those
faulty ignition switches but they just kept their mouth shut about it
and hilarious off for one of Ford’s defenses is that they’re saying that
people are just making frivolous lawsuits take advantage of Ford so the
lawyers can get money out of it they were selling these things to try to
cover their own rear ends making them cheaper and then not fix them right and
then there have an error lawyers say oh there’s nothing wrong it’s just these
other lawyers are greedy all this information recently come out from seven
foreign insiders that were interviewed by the Detroit Free Press which is a
pretty open-minded paper and really I’ve been saying this stuff for a long time
stay away from new technology dual-clutch transmission system
hey Europeans have made it before and they had some pretty expensive blonde
they made while four just fell right into that pit but didn’t admit it to
anybody until now of course they have to cuz the cats out of the bag running down
the street and of course they tried things like software updates to say
that’s gonna fix it but that as it usually isn’t transmission problems is
just a band-aid some of them shifted a little bit better I had a customer have
that done and it didn’t shift quite as bad but it still didn’t work perfectly
because these things are just physically breaking down inside because they were
all just designed wrong in the first place stay away from radical change new
technology don’t spin out a while and it’s proven itself, madman says do they
put those stupid maintenance required lights and vehicles specifically to
scare older people my mom thought her car was gonna fall apart basically they
want to scare everybody to get you to go back to the dealer so they can charge
you a bunch of money for doing very little work that’s why I got all those
lights on they didn’t have those lights when I was a young mechanic people had trusted
mechanics like my grandfather and then me when I was learning they didn’t have
all this modern hoopla trying to sell people stuff all the time by putting the
lights and say you need this maintenance you need that maintenance and a lot of
times the cars it just comes on every 15,000 miles out of the blue its program
so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the car Oh have you changed your own
stuff right you you might not need to do anything but they just do it to scare
everyone it’s a sales gimmick that all the manufacturers jumped on a bandwagon to try to sell you stuff so learn about your car maybe you might find out the
hey mine comes on every 50,000 miles and usually you could push a button on the
dash and there’s a certain sequence of buttons you push and then it resets
itself for another 15,000 us so how to do that in your car anybody can google
it and learn how to do it on their own car jay says Scotty I
recently put a cold air intake on my 2016 honda ext seems I’ve lost five miles a
gallon in town yeah that’s why I tell people don’t use those cold air intakes
I made a whole video about why they’re a joke they put them on race cars one day
don’t care about gas mugs and two they are dyno tuned before the race I guess
nowadays it’s gotten so high-tech the computer is giving feedback to the
guys in the pit while they’re racing and they’ll even be modifying computer stuff
while they’re driving down the road so they’re continually adjusting things you
got a car you just bolted something on you think it’s gonna work right it won’t
if you wanted that to work right you’d have to go to a tuner and dynamometer and know how to reprogram computers and on just to set
it up and you’d have to tell them what you wanted that when you start modifying
stuff it gets really complicated me I’d say take that stupid thing off and go
back to your factory air box unless you want to spend a whole bunch of money
modifying it correctly colin says hey I’m in college in
Indiana love classics I’m looking for a first personal car found a classic car
run if you’re looking for your first car you do not want to buy a classic car
classic cars are for guys who’ve had cars their whole life they like
puttering around with them and then I’m driving them much I got a lot of
customers with classic cars you know what the average the average less than
like a thousand twelve hundred miles a year on those cars you go go out and buy
a classic car and drive it as your first personal car you’re gonna be spending so
much time fixing it or you’re gonna be worried if you spend a fortune like some
guys I know they’ll go out and uh buy a classic Mustang for seventy-five
thousand dollars they’re crapping in their pants every time they go someplace
cuz it’s very easy to steal those classic cars there had subsystems are
just locking steering column that a kid with a screwdriver can break and they’re
also oldest that he’ll things are gonna wear out and break no don’t do it as a
first later on yeah you want a fun toy car get one for a weekend toy but don’t
get it as your first personal car that would be a big mistake I’ve seen people
do that and to a man and woman every single one of them was crying down the
road later breathless says Scotty I have a 2014 Lexus is350 recently when I got a
fill-up guess the pump stops after four to five seconds your gas tank isn’t
venting correctly now realize so your car’s three-quarters empty that means
3/4 your gas tanks full of air something’s gotta be in there when you
fly with gas that air has to go someplace when I was young mechanic it
just went out to the atmosphere nobody cared but that’s seen as pollution these
days it has to go through the venting system of the car goes to what’s called
the charcoal canister and that’s supposed to filter out the hydrocarbons
and then pure air comes out the other end you can have a problem with that
system you might need a new evap canister vent valve or a whole new
canister or something some of them you can only buy the canister assembly with
valve built in so you might have to buy one of those that’s generally what goes
wrong but also check those hoses to gas cap off you see this little hoses inside
sometimes spiders build little now rocks or mud gets stuck in there
sometimes they get hit with a rock and broken have a hole or something man you
want to check all that stop first because it’s not as simple as you might
think when it comes to changing these canisters some canisters you got to drop
the gas tank cuz they hid them on top of the gas tank and that’s an expensive endeavor
see if that’s wearing out see if it’s an easy thing to go through and pray it’s
something that easy or maybe you see spider nesting you get one of those
little air blasters that clean computer Keys and stuff and blast it in and blow
the spider without not fixed them that way but I got an air compressor with the
big hole there always puts out 150 psi and blow the spider to kingdom come
attip says I got 2014 Toyota Corolla 59,000 miles manual transmission but if
you’ve never had a transmission change do I change it or will they have
problems oh no you can definitely change it now honest standard transmissions are
just splash lubrication standard transmission just gears as well in the
oil spin and pick the gears splash it around that’s why it’s called splash lubrication and that’s what lubricates an automatic transmission on the other hand is little
nooks and crannies and electronic computer parts and an oil pump just like
your engine has an oil pump to build pressure to flow it through and if you
change a dirty one you’re gonna have problems but a standard no change it now
and it’s not that bad fifty-nine thousand miles on my own vehicles I’m
only changing memories sixty eighty thousand miles on a standard
transmission because there is so little where it’s just to keep the fluid from
getting gunking over time that you can change it up so I’d do it now you won’t
have any problems mai says Scotty I got a question about a Yamaha YBR 250
motorcycle if anyone have experiences are they reliable or piles of junk Yamaha
makes great motorcycles they have for a really long time yeah they make pianos
do really good pianos but a lot of times guys beat the heck out of those things
now if you’re talking about buying and bringing a new one go right ahead
they’re excellent motorcycles take care of it it can last you a really long time
cuz most people don’t drive motorcycles hundreds of thousands of miles like cars
basically lasts a lifetime if you take care of them and don’t fall off and
break your legs on them yeah I know what you do it on two wheels it’s not like
4 any idiot can drive a car with four wheels but with two the idiots generally get thrown off and they don’t drive them anymore, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell