but sometimes democrats can be in
question to because this week the Treasury Secretary up the
United States jacko indicate there will not be a bailout for the city of Detroit now detroit is the
first major city to actually say that that’s actually
file for bankruptcy I know polly the British gonna be a
domino effect right and they have a lot of these other creditors on their nearly they have 20 nearly
twenty billion dollars in outstanding credit debt as it is and on CNN said the union with Candy
Crowley arm secretary Jack Lew said that they are
there will be no federal bailout for the city of Detroit all because you know he says the
different I’m at a different place as ok and he asked that a logical
question so wait a minute you bailed out Wall Street you bailed
out the auto industry and now you won’t be on the city of
Detroit in and so his response shocking to me for he says I think situation we had in 2009 and 2010 was unique and something that will
hopefully we’ll never see again well secretary lou
we are seeing it happen again because want
to try goes bankrupt and those individual lose their pensions
it’s gonna cost the federal government more money in to pay for all that stop in paper
actual security paper extra benefits blase blase by that is the bail the
state the city out not to mention the back the only way to
try to get back on their feet is true true and real innovation they have to
create you know man there to bring back the manufacturing sector it directly a queen air auto
manufacturing they have to capitalize on their current infrastructure and that requires
investment and the only thing getting better by somebody taking a chance on
them and the person that always take the
chance is the federal government so I want to see the federal government stand up here and say we’re going to
stand with the people to Troy understand that we could take a risk but
this is the worst that will pay off in the long run q1 America’s most bit what america’s
moreover the history of driving with mister the middle class keep in that city going is only
important to the middle class with also important to the whole
economic the whole economy all the Midwest hehehe pollination
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