My name is David TeSelle. I am a trial lawyer. I fight for the rights of the injured
and defrauded against the largest and most powerful companies and special
interests in the world. I give real people, rich or poor, the
chance at a level playing field and a fair shot in an unfair world. I make sure everybody plays by the same
rules. I give my clients a voice that must be
respected. I stand up to injustice always because it
is the right thing to do. When necessary, I have the courage to
punch the bully in the nose. When faced with injustice, I don’t take
“no” for an answer. I refuse to accept “can’t” or “won’t” or “never been done that way before.” I find a path to justice even when that means figuring out
how to fit the square peg in the round hole. I believe in the core American values
this country was founded upon: truth, justice, freedom, honor, and respect for the rights of all
Americans. I am a check-and-balance against those
who choose to manipulate the system to their own advantage and to the harm of
others. I am persistent. I work hard. I do what it takes and I believe in what
we do. And when the cause is just, no matter how
hard the fight or how long the battle, I never, never, never give up. I am David TeSelle and I am proud to be
a trial lawyer.