Boy, get back here! You can’t do that! What? Wear read shoes. Why not? It’s forbidden. That’s why. Who says? The President. He doesn’t like red shoes. Which President? The President of the Wold Government. The World Government? I didn’t
know there was a World Government. Well, there is! And they’ve
made a law against red shoes and you’ve been caught. OK. What will I have to do? Die! Electric chair! What? Death penalty. For wearing red shoes? The President doesn’t like them. That’s not fair. The President is a just president. I don’t wanna die. You don’t have to. Oh, but you said… you said… The President murdered his own son. The President really likes you so he murdered his own son so he
wouldn’t have to punnish you. Red shoes, death penalty. So you deserve to die. But someone else was
murdered instead of you. So how does that make you feel? Someone died for you and
your filthy shoe habits. Really? Yes. He loves you so much.
He’s so merciful. You mean I don’t go to trial because he
murdered someone else for my filthy crimes? That’s right. Do you accept it? Yes. It’s just amazing what
the President’s done for me. I deserved to die, but because of his grace he saved my life. You got it. What an amazingly powerful President! I’m going to thank him
for the rest of my life. How to be incredibly merciful. Invent imaginary crimes. demand the death penalty. refuse to forgive unless someone
is killed kill someone innocent forgive those who offer thanks for
your kindness Think about it.
I doesn’t make any sense at all.