So, if you’ve received the notice of default or the notice of trustee sale, obviously you’re in foreclosure. These are both official recorded
documents that the lender is required to file to move forward to sell your home. Our recommendation is to talk to a lawyer
and seek the protection of the court. We can do that either by going into bankruptcy, which is a
relatively short term approach or a long-term approach would be filing a
lawsuit. As an alternative, if you were to try to work this out on your own, the
notice of default is really intended to give you the opportunity to catch up and to make the
payments . . . to bring your account back to current status. But, for most people who CAN’T afford to do
that with a lump sum payment they prefer to work something else out
and the best way to do that is to again, hire a lawyer. Consumer Action Law Group has a team of lawyers in Los Angeles, California who help homeowners in the pre-foreclosure process. to have someone in your corner. We do
these types of cases every day. This is really all we do, so my advice is call and talk to someone here and let us know what’s going on with you
and we’ll let you know how we can help. We can definitely help save your home and stop foreclosure.