finally obon list for the call for uh…
americans across country said hey you know what luck this uh… bankers making literally record profits
and record bonuses in the middle of this worst economic downturn there’s something a little fishy about
it’s almost as if they took our bailout money and acting in home in bonuses and
haven’t helped us at all so obon a seasoned until it is quote we
damaging elisa master politician so uh… he’s going to go ahead and make it
to death so he they’ve got a new uh… idea how uh… at bailout feeding
and impose on the backs here’s where it gets worse a little question first of all it
something so i’ll take it alright it’s a good step in the right direction they speak a lot
more steps and it’s not nearly enough physics outs
when wind a second but hey you know what at least he heard us a little bit right but now with the problems with it well first of all the banks fail don’t
you dare do it they always local threaten people who are you guys are all bankrupt uh… city year ago failure to come if written us or a
little over a year ago headache and as we were given the money if you never want have anything against us where it has a
right onto our custom or congratulations does not make it a
matter alright uh… number two we won’t do
anymore like but you don’t do the landing anyway quit giving away free to do any you know
the landing for granted for thirty th number three uh… this would be at extra burden on
us at a time uh… in economic times that our parents but they’re a little weight is pros for
the rest of us here are still making record bonuses it doesn’t seem like it’s that para
listed now so what’s the wrong with the
proposal at the banks are but worried about that must be slightly dipping
right because they love the you know uh… protect their bonus the problem is dish there’s a much better way to do it
you do with that windfall profit tax or you do it with as england didn’t as
france did by saying hey look if your bonus is for
example over forty thousand dollars what we’re gonna take half of that bonus
to pave active agar tax-free ’cause you’ve got a from the american tax bill for example goldman sachs they projected to have at twenty three billion dollars in just
bonuses for just thirty seconds buzzing goto shareholders because the
guys running the company okay now where they got that part at least ten point three billion dollars of it came from extra money we pay them through any allied sheet so they sell the idea that our body back
and i get back with the puzzle forty one we’ll have the money you took from a
night she we gave him thirteen billion dollars and on the open market he would have been worth who the three
billion dollar so tend either when he was a line in new
york fed jim bittermann at extra ten point three
million other taxpayer money they would have never gotten a lot of
market he panama hunter says on a dollar there are you surprised they have all
that money this week interact with them so how bad is that uh… giving efi to the banks that they then pass on
to their customers you say how do we do this all we can do it
anyway how do we do it so we said all right look your bonus
came directly from the united states taxpayer so how about we take about half of it
back which is about the little over ten
billion dollars and you pay us back for the money that
we keep tim geithner data back you know it problem solved that you will hear democrats especially
but of course republicans will sing now they can’t be done to candidates to
cover it’s not complicated it definitely can be done you just take back the money that
they’re gonna take home in profits in bonuses that we gave them it’s super simple they don’t want to do it that’s why they tell you it’s
complicated that’s why they go with the the fees of
several the banks will pass on to us and a lot
of ways use of the stories that makes the look
at it and go but i want to be out of bombers set i supported the guy i work with a guy uh… you everybody knows that is no
secret here we don’t hide things on this show but how can i have been assigned when
than the right thing to do is all these places that i think one has done it and that says that when we can do it of
course we get and he won’t do it so what are you doing for the right
reasons the wrong reasons he thinks is politically hard to do are it’s you know
the banks of threat members held will believe with obama’s isn’t whatever he thinks it has had he’s a wall he’s letting a walk away with our money
this is our last chance because once they hand out those bonus checks which they’re going to do in the next
couple of weeks you’re never gonna get the money that by the way the bank fees it’s still a big proposal that would be instituted again once the bonus money walks out the
door it ain’t coming back this is the u_s_ this proposal so it then you go out of whatever to
perm today again i mean how do you know i get frustrated how are you not skeptical about their uh… motives the s_e_c_ pass that the rule or order you know that money that uh… tim geithner wanted to keep secret the
money we follow through a aji the ones that i’ve been telling you about the do
through a a little thing called maiden lane well a you don’t want to keep a secret
does all the emails out how does one tell u where taxpayer money went to which banks
literally so uh… what their cc did was when the aaji
filed here at the start looking at some that’ll help uh… weekly passes order denise those documents from where the money
went will be kept secret until november uh… twenty eighteen but that there is no money back in
november two one eighteen was if i don’t want went through analyte wet then what it all the wrong
reasons and you find out the emails of how all this work yet that can’t get the money bag and
twenty eight pm the where appropriate up well it look like the if u are skeptical person or u are not a democrat i think if you look at the subjectively you’ve got to be asking contract or a crook because i mean he finals all the money to them in a way
that is actually regions that no rash or economic actor would
have done he claimed it is except that it is hearings that he
wasn’t even a regulated what the hell were you doing to the head of the new
york that anne so many disingenuous answers so
many questionable actions and then on top of all that he does the
covered up and do you think witnesses uh… corrupt now a new york you can
hear you screaming your radios in your t_v_s in your computers all it bears but no i don’t think that simple i don’t think and i think that i will do
this and we don’t get paid off by the skies i could be wrong i think he thinks what simon johnson that you know former chief economist for the
world i am efren no comes at m_i_t_ what he
calls intellectual capture we talked about on the show before ten data actually thinks that the banks
are right that he has to give them all the
taxpayer money otherwise economy would explode and that he has no choices that he cannot get that money back in
any way shape or form and the debaters in let’s take it home in bonuses otherwise
economy would explode well that makes him a bit of a fool and most importantly at cool but much more important than being a
forties at school to some people are preferable to learn to fit after would
be a good news for many years right are not successful because they’re very
smart or they’re very accomplished know they’re successful because a lot of people profit from debbie in that position the bankers and the republicans and
democrats love that you’re being exactly where he is they don’t he’s having gotten that
position ’cause he was enormously successful in fact he failed is way up to that
position it’s that’s a matter of record he got that position because he was
unsuccessful in regulating the banks into at protecting the taxpayers he got that position ’cause those powerful people one of them in that position because he is a tool