Hi. I’m Steve Kramer of the
Kramer Law Firm. I’m a Florida bankruptcy attorney. And I’m
going to answer one of the questions you might be asking
before you file a bankruptcy. And that question is, “How many
hearings am I going to have to attend for my bankruptcy?” Now,
for most Chapter 7 bankruptcies there’s only going to be one
hearing. And that is the 341 hearing which is a meeting of
the creditors. And generally that’s where you get to sit down
with the trustee which is the person who oversees your
bankruptcy case and makes sure everything is correct. And then
your creditors also have the opportunity to appear at that
meeting. Now if you’re meeting with a good attorney – or if you
meet with us – we’re going to make sure that you know what to
expect at that hearing so there are no surprises, so that you’re
prepared, so that we have all the documentation that we need
to so that everything moves seamlessly. Because that’s
what we want. We want an easy bankruptcy, stress-free, so that
you can move on with your life. Because that’s what bankruptcy
is about – starting over. Why am I telling you this? Because you
need to know this information if you’re thinking about filing for
bankruptcy. Any attorney you meet with should be telling you
exactly what to expect – what’s down the road – and that’s what
I’m telling you today. If you have any questions, give me a
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