Hi. I’m Steve Kramer of the
Kramer Law Firm. Today we’re going to be talking about a
question that a lot of people ask when they are filing
bankruptcy. And that question is, “When will the creditors
stop calling me?” And the answer is this: once you file a
bankruptcy, any creditor that you put notice on, any
creditor that you list in your bankruptcy, must stop calling
you immediately. They must cease all collections activities. Now
here’s the good news. If you’ve already filed a bankruptcy,
that’s your answer. But even if you haven’t filed a bankruptcy,
once you hire an attorney, you can tell your creditors “I’m
represented by an attorney, talk to them.” And that’s what we can
do for you. If you’re looking at a bankruptcy, if you’re facing
debt, if you’re getting calls from creditors, contact us –
meet with us. And even before you file that bankruptcy we can
help you avoid these calls so you don’t have to deal with this
harassment and constant calls from creditors. That’s why
I’m telling you this because obviously if you’re looking at
this video you’re dealing with debt. You probably have
people calling you. It’s very stressful. They may be calling
you at work, they may be calling you at home and I want to help.
I’ll do anything I can. Call my number below and I’d love to
talk with you and help you through this in any way I’m able
to. Also, if you’re watching this on Youtube or Facebook,
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information with your friends and family. Thanks for watching! I’m Steve Kramer of the Kramer Law Firm.