5 things a person considering bankruptcy should
not do. I’m Steve Kramer of the Kramer law firm. I’m a Florida bankruptcy attorney
and these are the 5 things you need to know if you’re thinking about bankruptcy. One:
give away property. Do not repay debts, do not give away property, do not move assets
around before you file a bankruptcy. Because if you do, you can make the case a lot more
expensive and you can open yourself up to criminal liability. It’s fine that you owed
your Mom that $10,000 dollars. But if you pay her back that $10,000 within a certain
amount of time before your bankruptcy, you’re going to have a really serious problem when
you file that bankruptcy. Two: using your credit cards. You cannot continue to accrue
debt knowing that you’re going to file a bankruptcy. So you’ve got to watch that.
Three: this kind of ties into number two. But don’t buy a bunch of things right before
you file bankruptcy. It looks bad. It sets it up to look like you’re trying to defraud
the court, to defraud your creditors. Four: don’t hide things from your attorney. Even
if you did those other things. Even if you spent a bunch of money, paid back debt, moved
assets – tell your attorney so we can deal with it, so we can give you good advice. We
need to know everything. Everything you tell us is confidential when you meet with us.
We want to have the whole picture so that we can give you good advice and make sure
that your bankruptcy goes the way you want it to go. Smoothly and eliminating your debt
with as little headache and expense as possible. And lastly, don’t forget to list every creditor.
When we file a bankruptcy, we’re liquidating debt from all of your creditors. All means
all of them. All is the important thing, you’ve got to list everybody. Why am I telling you
this? Because this is important information if you’re going to file a bankruptcy. You
need to know this. And if you have questions, I can answer them. Call me at the number below.
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