My pay went down but I’m still paying the
same amount of child support to my wife. What do I do? This is a huge issue, this happens
all the time and the worst thing you can do is nothing. I’m Steve Kramer and I’m a
Florida family law and divorce attorney. Like I said, the worst thing you can do is nothing
because if you stop paying – well, you’re still on the hook for that money. And the
court can take away your license or lock you in jail. And if you keep on paying, then you’re
paying too much money. And now you can’t afford your rent, your health insurance, many
other things that you can spend that money on. What happens is, in a situation like this,
you’ve got a substantial change in circumstances. Your income has dropped and what you’ve
got to do is go into court and then modify that child support. And here’s the good
thing about when you file one of these cases and why you don’t want to delay, is by filing
you trigger it. You set a mark and the court can actually go back to the date that you
filed and retroactively reduce your child support to that date. So you set a mark and
if you delay it, you miss on that – means you can pay for 10 years and still be on the
hook for all that. But if you file the case, now you’ve set the time. You’ve started
the clock. The key is you want to make sure you pay that support because you don’t want
to wind up in contempt of court. If you don’t pay – even though you’re not making as
much money – you can lose your license or be locked in jail. And when we go in here
to do a recalculation for the modification or try to figure out what you’re really
supposed to owe, they are going to take a look at the new income. At what your income
dropped to and kind of figure out the formula and we’re going to get your child support
reduced. And that’s really what you want. I’m telling you because I’ve seen too
many people that have sat back and haven’t filed this case when they should’ve and
they owed way too much money. And I’m talking about thousands to tens of thousands of dollars
in back support. And I just don’t want to see that happen. Financially, it’s worthwhile.
Get an attorney, get a modification filed, protect your rights. I’m Steve Kramer, thanks
for watching.