We are about to begin a journey beyond ordinary
human understanding Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity Join me, as we explore: Our Amazing
Debt We are all made of star stuff — and in America, we’re all born more than 61
thousand dollars in debt The collective debt we owe as a country now stands at 20 trillion dollars A level of debt unfathomable to our contemptible
caveman ancestors How can we comprehend the sheer magnitude of our national debt? With our starship of imagination This is the USS Dumbitdownforme and it cost 12 billion dollars to construct all financed through debt We didn’t have the money to build it and
we didn’t want to raise taxes to pay for it but we really wanted it So, like a fiscal wormhole, we’ve used debt
to puncture the reality of financial constraints connecting what we want now to promises of paying even more money later Let’s take a look inside and see what
20 Trillion dollars really means 20 trillion dollars isn’t just a lot of
money, it’s all of the money, and then some If we could round up all the US currency in
existence – every dollar bill, every quarter, every penny we’d still need another 18 Trillion dollars All the gold that’s ever
been mined couldn’t even cover half of our debt Yet our story doesn’t end here Like our ever-expanding universe our debt is constantly growing larger This year we’ll pay more than 250 billion dollars on interest payments not the debt, just the fee for borrowing money Much as cosmic expansion will inevitably lead to the heat death of our own universe the debt, too, is unsustainable As nature seeks balance so too will our creditors Will the government gut spending? Defund entitlements? Devalue our currency? One day, perhaps in our lifetime we will discover the answers and reach the limit of our amazing debt But for now we can only behold the awesome force that binds all Americans bewitching us with the fascinating possibility that maybe just maybe we’re all f*cked