hey fam hey everybody I’m Chasten and I’m
Janet and in this video we are going to share our debt free journey and how we
paid off ninety four thousand dollars worth of debt in 19 months we hope at
the end of this video you will be motivated and inspired to start or
continue your own debt free journey so without any further adieu let’s get it so let’s get into it we’re gonna tell
you how it went down from A all the way to Z yeah alright so Chasten and I went to
the same university and we got married after I graduated from college
so Chasten graduated a year earlier than I did and so we got married we were young
we were in love and didn’t have a care in the world we were just happy but we
also graduated with an enormous amount of student loan debt so we didn’t feel
the burn of that massive amount of student loan debt until that grace
period ran out so when that grace period looking at each other like but when that
grace period kicked out it put us in reality of you know we can’t live like
young young married couples you know we can’t live like oh we can buy what we
want to buy we can get takeout and watch TV every night or we can go up to the
mall let’s shop every weekend because I was doing that we realized that we
couldn’t do that anymore because we just had too much debt yeah so things started to change man
when we we made the transition to Georgia from Oklahoma and man when we
got to to Georgia we we started living on on just my income so we just had one
full-time income that we were living off of Jada
had a part-time job that she was she was doing and such and in that time we we
started you know we were just making the minimum payments but we were beginning
to feel it a little bit more but even during that time Jay like we I don’t
think we really sort of understood just how much money we were putting in
towards the minimum payments at all and so we even though we were making the
minimum payments we didn’t know like what that total was and we never like
crunch the numbers and said hey we’re spending we’re putting this much money
towards I student loan debt and so man during that time when we were we were
just starting to feel it and we were getting close to uh to the moment that
would a man would change everything and and send us on this journey four years into our marriage we had one
of the most tremendous blessings of our lives the birth of our daughter and at
that time a man so much joy so much excitement and with the birth of our
daughter also came some new responsibilities
which caused us to sort of feel things a little bit more right absolutely
janay was a was and is a huge blessing from the Lord and so with her birth you
know it was a blessing because our previous pregnancy ended in a loss and
so we felt extremely blessed to be given such a beautiful baby girl
but then like Chasen said we felt the weight of the responsibility that was
now on us so we knew that we’re gonna have to pay back all of the medical
expenses that it took for us to be able to to have janae in a hospital we knew
that we were going to have to pay daycare expenses we still had to pay
student loans the student loans don’t give you grace periods for having
children so we had to continue to pay them we have to continue to pay for our
mortgage and for all our the utilities and things like that and so we realized
like we are not as good as a space as we want to be whatsoever
and you know like when when all of those things were becoming a reality I’ll be
honest man I started to feel it in a deep way and a man it took me into one
of my lowest points I became super depressed not because of our baby girl I
mean she was the joy I mean we you know we loved having her or just the the
financial burden man like it just it caused me to feel depressed and I was in
a super super super low place right absolutely and it was tough for me
to you know again she’s a huge blessing but at that time just realizing okay I
need to do something what more can I do I was not working full-time I was
working part-time and so I I was like well what can I do
okay I need to get a full-time job so there are be days where I would
literally I would hold janae while I’m applying for jobs on the laptop computer
so I’m holding her or whenever she’s taking a nap I’m pumping her milk and
going online trying to find jobs trying to apply for jobs so that I could help
you know our family to you know have more income so that we can take care of
all of our responsibilities so it was extremely tough that was extremely tough
time lots of joy but also lots of Tears yeah lots and lots of Tears but you know
what’s the blessing the blessing about moments like that is that when you’re
sort of pushed into a corner you know it sort of causes the best thing you to
rise and so during that time then we realized that we had to make some some
some big steps and so during that time I decided to go get a second job so I I
would leave my job and I would go to an after-school program and it worked there
for you know for two or three more hours and such just doing what we had to do to
have the income in order to be able to take care of just our needs just take
care of what we needed to take care of and like Jay said we had you know the
daycare cause we we had our student loan we just wanted to cover everything and
so that required at that time that required me going and getting a second
job and by God’s grace God didn’t just bless us did just blessed me with a
second job but he also blessed Janet with a new full-time job yes so I
completely left the field that I was passed
about super passionate about and started working for a company which I bless God
for to this day started working for a company that was more focused on sales
and customer service rather than student and young people development and so you
know moving it to that field was able to of course make more money get you know
bonuses and things like that so it worked out perfectly because we were
able to at this point take care of our financial responsibilities yeah yeah and
and it was during that time it was during that time when all of this
happened where we we realized that okay we’re now making you know a little bit
of money and things are covered but we realized that if we did not change our
situation I mean listen I’m gonna bring you in to sort of to how sort of extreme
our situation was we I mean we were we were paying our minimum payments for all
of our loans all of our debt together I mean we were paying over a thousand
dollars a month and so we realized that man if this does not change like we’re
gonna be stuck in this cycle and this is going to this is going to hinder the
legacy building that we want to do for for our family for our daughter
and so in that time we decided that something has to change something has to
give because we felt stuck we felt like man we we can’t do what we
wanna do we we’re not gonna be able to to create the future that Windows is a
higher for it for our little one and so that feeling of being stuck pushed us to
say no something has to change and it has to change now because I know you
know just just like we you know like we knew during that time that that man when
when you feel like you’re not in control of your money it makes you feel like
you’re not in control your life right and so man we realize that we
had to do something we had to change it so it was at that time where we said
okay we’re going all in we’re getting out of debt and we’re going to throw as
much money towards our debt as possible that’s right and we were we went at it
there was no more we’re running like a little hamster in
the little wheel just spinning just spinning and turning our wheels like no
we were going to get aggressive about this thing and we were going to destroy
our student loan debt it was not gonna take control of our life it was not
about to put us in a position where we felt like we were controlled by our debt
no we weren’t we’re not about that life we weren’t about that life we created a plan and we decided that we
were going to reduce our expenses reduce our just living expenses I should say
and live off of my income okay so everything that I brought in and then
what was gonna live off of that and everything that Jay brought in
everything that Jenna brought him we were going to to use to pay for debt and
so we were living off of one income and using the other income to destroy dead
and like wheat what we’ve talked about in other videos you know we we created a
plan we we had to realize man where’s our money going we had to reduce our
spending we we had to to write down hey this is the timeline that we’re looking
for to get out of debt and we had to say okay this is what that means for our
budget we had to craft a budget and what we did that and then we started making a
lot of progress but I want to be clear I want to be clear that even though we
were making progress it was not easy not even close to not easy
oh I mean listen you know let’s talk about some of those things like I mean
um I mean I’m a woman I love to shop prior to all of the prior to paying off
our loans being aggressive about it I would literally shop every single week
that mean that was just the reality I would get my hair done any time I wanted
to get my hair done essentially as soon as it started getting a little ed to
start getting even a little curly I was like hey what’s up with that appointment
you got some availability so I mean it was tough because I had to sacrifice the
things that I actually really liked doing I would really like my hair to
look at I really like to go shopping I really like to get pedicures I really
like those things but I had to sacrifice those things in order to force the
payoff our student loan debt and be in a better financial situation
for our family yeah I’m a so so I want to get this I
mean we reduced the amount of times that we went shopping I mean we started
making our meals super basic super base mom I mean go ahead like can I please
came to talk about like we were making spaghetti every week okay forget about
that french toast see we were making french toast cuz you know this the
French toast is a dollar at Walmart so you buy the loaf and I was slicing it I
had my own you made bone batter and everything it was delicious but we
literally did things that were like we ate meals that were super Chiefs and
super simple so that we could throw as much money towards that yeah I mean and
and and it was tough it was tough like when I forgot one go ahead I was leaving
eggs for lunch at one point and I was eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich
alright I mean we were in the struggle we were not a struggle like and we
didn’t have to struggle at that extreme we didn’t have to but we were so ready
to get out of debt it didn’t even matter so and and if we’re Frank man our are
some of our friends some of our family thought we were we were crazy you know
but but we did what we had to do we introduced our expensive super super low
so that man we had a huge margin where we were throwing a significant amount of
money towards towards that and as we were doing that man we were making we’re
making progress you don’t say like that like Dave talks
about that debt snowball Dave rings to tell us about the deaths no boy and
that’s exactly how it was was like it was just build it they build an ability
and so you know as we were doing this process we were come up with these
creative ways to reduce spending these creative ways to to save money over here
and all that kind of stuff and we were making progress and as the story
continues man we we sort of get deep deep into the journey and man we’re over
the halfway mark making we’re on this the final decline you know that where my
constraints were final stretch we’re almost were getting getting there see
the light at the end of the tunnel and my wife here my wife right yeah crepe my
beautiful wife right here decides that she has a big bright idea I had this
brilliant idea oh hey babe why don’t we just sell our house yeah so our house
and then everything that we get from our house we could just throw it towed
towards dick Melissa listen let me listen let me let me tell you let me
tell you what this is like okay I’ll remember this moment so clearly because
I mean like I clearly remember where we were where we were driving to all that
kind of stuff but witness conversation happen you know she looks a bit like
maybe have you ever thought about us selling our house and here’s the part
and moving in with your parents oh actually I have it I haven’t thought
about that oh but you know it was a dramatic it was a crazy a pretty radical
idea but the more we thought about it the more I thought about what we talked
about it we were like yeah yeah it makes it made sense because the thing is we
didn’t that wasn’t our forever home anyways and now it was nice I mean oh
yeah I loved living in the house we we made a lot of improvements to it and
things like that so it looked wonderful it was it was homey we loved it but at
the same time we knew that it wasn’t gonna be our forever home and we knew
that in the direction that that the housing market was going we could like
really just optimize on the moment and just sell it and just capitalize a
moment just sell it and just yeah get out of it so we you know if we went for
it I saw you you know we we we we talked to my parents and we made that plane and
all that kind of stuff we sold the house and y’all
day yet yes it was a guy yes yeah told it why not even 24 hour wasn’t even 24
hours and even hit 24 hours and we got a guy to offer all in the house man and
above are asking man it was what we needed you know to take care of this
this final stretch of day so we were able to to take the proceeds of the sale
of our home and put a little bit of extra money that we have and just pay
off the remaining debt that we had and which which shaved a few months off of
our debt free journey and so we ended up back in the the room that I grew up in
our family of three ended up back there but you know what it was worth it
because we were debt-free don’t breathe hey yes gotta love it
gotta love it gotta love it so yeah I mean it was amazing it was amazing at no
regrets absolutely no regrets if we were faced with the opportunity to do it
again we would absolutely do it again yeah um and so now we are we are debt
free and y’all it feels so good and let me tell you this now we can we can use
that money the way we want to use it absolutely we can point our money where
we want it to go and we can save and invest how we want to save and invest
and we can build a legacy for our family in the way that we envision it so man we
are so grateful for that and so grateful for the Lord for just man giving us the
grace in the strength so man essentially we wanted to share a debt free journey
in hopes that it would motivate inspire and encourage you to go hard after this
dream of debt freedom we want you to win and want you to win we want you to feel
this joy and this freedom and so we hope that this this motivated you inspire
absolutely absolutely and look we’re here we’re here where we want to serve
we want to encourage we want to inspire we want to motivate all of you who are
on this debt free journey you’re not alone you can get through those tough
times you just gotta look up consistently look up look up keep
pushing keep pushing and so fam look we would love to hear your feedback we
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