Hey everybody, my name is Kyle. Welcome back to the Big Pig. And I want to say thank you to my ten subscribers, a special thanks to my cousin Mark who was my tenth subscriber and to everyone else who helped me get to this milestone. Now a lot of people have been asking “Kyle, why did you choose a pig as your animal?” and I believe that a pig has a lot of symbolism. If you hit on the wrong woman she may call you a pig. If you go to a buffet, then you are pigging out. But most importantly for me the earliest introduction to money that I had as a child is the piggy bank, and to celebrate hitting 10 subscribers on this channel I wanted to make a piggy bank today. Okay, so step one of making your piggy bank is to take a balloon, this is a 9-inch balloon right here, and you’re going to inflate it and then you’re gonna tie that off and you’re gonna take your balloon and you’re gonna put it on some sort of round container so that doesn’t roll away while you are applying your paper mache. Our paste for our paper mache is going to be some warm water and we’re going to stir in some all-purpose flour. So it’s still a little thin, you want it to be pretty close to pancake batter thickness. Once you have your paste to the consistency that you want, you’re gonna take some newspaper and you’re gonna rip it vertically into about one-inch strips, maybe no more than a foot long piece about about that long will do. You dunk it into your paste and then you strain it as you pull it out and you put it right onto your balloon and smooth it out. The first few pieces are going to be a little bit difficult to keep on there just for the fact that the balloon is gonna be off-balance but as you work along it should get easier to put each piece onto the balloon. It’s also gonna help you to make sure you crisscross your paper mache and certain points that helps make a stronger piggy bank. Things like that are gonna happen unless as we go along here. We’re already getting some good stability. One important thing to know is you don’t you don’t want to cover up the neck of the balloon because you want to make sure that’s exposed that when you get the last two layers done that you can pull that out. Okay, so now that our first layer is dry what we want to do is we want to make sure that on the second layer that we’re covering up anywhere where the paper is lifted or there’s any gaps in the paper so we get that solid finish for the inside of the pig. Okay, so now that the second layer is dry we’re gonna go ahead and remove that balloon so we’re just gonna take a nail or some sharp pointy object pop the balloon. Oh, now our balloon’s inside the pig, oh no… There that is. Alright, so now that we’ve got the balloon taken out of our pig we’re gonna go ahead and cut six of these cups out of this egg carton. One of them’s gonna be the nose, and we’re gonna have four legs, and then one of the cups will be split in half to make our ears for our pig. All right, so now that we’ve cut out our piece of egg carton we can go ahead and take some hot glue, being very careful since it is hot, and we’re gonna glue them onto our pig now. I’m getting the back legs first. All right, we’re gonna take our nose piece here and we’re gonna use it to cover the hole where our balloon came from. Okay, now that we have all the egg carton pieces attached to our pig, we can go ahead and do the next two layers. All right, so now that we got four solid layers on this piggy bank we can go ahead and start painting. I got this nice cherry red right here then we’re gonna cover the whole body of the pig with. All right, so we’ll come back downstairs in about an hour flip that over and get the underside of the pig. All right now we flip the pig over we’re gonna coat the underbelly. Now that I have two coats of paint on my pig, I’m gonna go ahead and cut the coin slot in the top. I’m doing this now because I’m actually going to use that as a reference point for the detail work that I want to do on this pig. All right, so now that we have the detail work done on our pig, there’s only one piece left, it’s time to make the tail. So we’re going to take some sort of thin cylindrical object in this case I’m using the shaft of the screwdriver and we’re gonna take our little fuzzy stick here we’re gonna just take that and wrap it around, give it that cork shape. I want to wrap it loosely so you get past the head of your screwdriver, that helps. Then we’re gonna take a hot glue gun and glue it to the butt of our pig. So the obvious question is what am I gonna do with this pig given I already have so many piggy banks? Well, what I’m going to do is make an announcement. The four plastic pigs from the Big Pig adventures will still carry their current currencies. The gold pig from the last episode of the Big Pig Adventures will now hold dollar coins instead of being the all-pig that it was on the last episode. This is now the all-pig. Whenever one of those other piggy banks fills up, I’m gonna roll up the change that’s in that piggy bank, and then whatever can’t get rolled up goes into here. Now when each piggy bank gets rolled up, I’ll release a special episode of the Big Pig Adventures, and when this pig is filled we will have an extra special episode of The Big Pig adventures okay what am I going to name this pig? I don’t have a name for this pig yet and that’s where you come in! When we get to a hundred subscribers I’ll pick the most liked comment on this video and that winner gets to… and that winner will be the name of this pig. Thanks to all my subscribers for making this Wonder Wednesday possible. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, you can subscribe to my channel here, we’ll have another Wonder Wednesday special at a hundred subscribers, and you can also watch the best video for you here, and you can always follow me on twitter at KylesBigPig and until next time, Keep Making Bacon!